Friday, February 22, 2008

Grandma Clara's New Toy

A few weeks ago, I took Grandma Clara to a local craft bazaar. She saw a crochet'd flower potholder/hotpad that she took a fancy to. After a short search online, I found a similar pattern and Grandma Clara went to work. She's cranked out one every day or so since then and seems to have found a way to use up fortythousand skeins of Redheart she has stashed away. I bet I know what everyone's getting for Christmas next year.

Then, last weekend, she saw an ad on TV for "a new cutting just push a's called a cricket" I searched online to find out what she was talking about. I thought it might be a bit too technical for her...but she absolutely insisted on getting one. I heard about it daily...sometimes two times a day...and finally stopped at JoAnns on the way home from work last night to pick it up for her. Expensive as all get out....but if you've been reading for any length of time, you know that Grandma Clara spends a lot of her time creating handmade greeting cards. They are very very creative and are little treasured works of art! She felt that this would add to her craft. Today we spent a couple of hours playing with the machine. I think she has her mind wrapped around it pretty well....

See what I mean! All in all, I guess if you are 86 years old and want to buy yourself a new toy and have the means to do so.....go for it ;0 Knit on!

Monday, February 18, 2008

"I Never Promised You a Rose Garden"

I started out the Clappy in's Sonata print on size 7s. Made it through most of the increase section before deciding the fabric was too loose...frogged...and restarted on size 6s which feels a lot nicer in my very humble opinion. I also am using the 'no stitch marker method' i.e. purling all the knit stitches that will be dropped (aka the knit stitches between the two kbl stitches). I find that it's much easier to keep track this way. One skein of the Sonata Print made it to within 3 rows of the end of the increase section...the second skein has gotten me through the rest of the increases and 3 straight rows...I have 7 skeins total and plan to start the decrease section when i have a skein and a half left. If the Clappy's a little short, the cotton should stretch to length..

I must say this yarn is a delight to knit with...and I'm not usually a big fan of knitting with cotton. I purchased this back in May 06 planning to make a miter square top that just didn't really work for me in the execution.....but this colorway...Rose Garden....was too pretty to give up on. It did pool a bit ungracefully for a short while, but the separation by drop stitch will take care of that....

So far I think it will be a nice marriage between yarn and pattern.....and purling the drop stitches...makes the pattern ideal for TV knitting!

Knit on!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Clapotis Knit-A-Long

yay to Joan for setting up another fun KAL! I made Kate Gilbert's Clapotis back when the pattern first came out and I was easily swayed by the crowds. I used a pretty purple/green/cream handpaint superwash merino and gifted it to a co-worker for her birthday. Never saw her wear day she said to me.."you know I really just don't wear purple"....hmmph! Oh well, she'll pass it on or thrift store it and someday somewhere someone will get use from it. This Clappy will also be gifted....but I know the yarn colorway is perfect for her!

This is's Sonata, 100% cotton. Has a nice sheen and rave reviews from all who've used it. I think it will be a really comforting summer shawl for a friend who is going through a sad time right now.

If anyone reading this hasn't made this fun EASY satisfying knit....DO NOT HESITATE to jump on the Clappy bandwagon! Here's the link for the FASHIONABLY-LATE-IN-2008 Clapotis KAL! All aboard!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Catching Up

Thanks so much for your kind comments on the 'More Stripes...Only Not' vest. I've worn it to work and it was warm, comfortable and very stylish. Since then, I've had knitting ADD! I was straightening up and sorting through the yarn and projects in the basket by my bed (visualize a large wicker laundry basket overflowing with yarn, needles, patterns...yep, that's it!) and came across a few UFOs that were in dire need of clearing from the queue.

These are mittens I started in November for a Christmas gift...but never finished. 1 1/2 mittens down and DD said "I LOVE THOSE...CAN I HAVE THEM"...But of course you can my now she has thick cozy warm springtime cheerful mittens. The yarn is Plymouth Galway Paint Chunky, knit on size 8s. The pattern is a variation from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns. Love this book. Strongly encourage anyone to add it to their library. It's my 'go-to' for basics!

Next up.....I needed a quick birthday gift for non-knitting buddy Linda. Linda needed new gloves because her old ones are oh so shabby...definately not chic! These are my first gloves with actual FINGERS...and again made using the Ann Budd 'Handy Book of Patterns'. The yarn is Plymouth Boku carried along with Elann's Devon. The two yarns played very well together and made a quick knit and dense fabric on size 6s. Just a few ends to weave in left and they'll be gifted at the end of the month.

I needed to make another little quick gifty and found a great pattern on Ravelry for these cute Fingerless mitts. I modified it a bit to give them a nice gussetted thumb...just because I think thumbs should stay warm too....but sadly, I have been unable to find the link again. Drat! I just love the feminine lacy cuffs. I held two strands of Elann's Devon together for these and knitted them on size 3s. Nice warm dense fabric. The color combo of green and brown reminds me of spring grass just sprouting up....or old toile prints....i think they're cheerful and hope the recipient enjoys them.

Lastly, I finished reknitting (for the eleventyjillionth time) the neck for 'Bed and Breakfast' from IWK Winter 03. I started this bad boy in March 06 with a knit-a-long on the chatsite. I actually finished the body and sleeves and everything within about 3-4 weeks, however....the neckline totally kicked my butt. I tried multiple modifications...funnel, plain, roll, no cables, stockinette, ribbing...nothing worked right. I set it aside and it kept moving deeper and deeper into the UFO abyss. The timing was right though, and I was able to finish the neckline the other day without too much more drama....okay, okay, i did bind off too tightly and had to rip out the last two rows and redo the bindoff on larger needles, but today is the seaming of sleeves and sides.....a quick soak, reblock, and hopefully another FO this weekend! Hooray!

Right now I'm working on a quick baby hat, and then will need to pick out yarn for the new Clapotis KAL (hey, retro is in!). I've been swatching like crazy trying to decide what to do for March though.....trying really hard to do stash knitting least for a while...

Well, that's all for today. Hope you are enjoying your weather wherever you are! Knit on!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stick a Fork in it Baby!

It's done and I'm overall well-pleased with the end product!

Here's the recap: 1st...the Yarn: Berroco Uxbridge Tweed-discontinued-a rich brick red tweeded with brown, rust, olive and flecks of cream. Has the absolute color of a good vegetable marinara sauce! Aran weight, wool/cotton/acrylic blend. FROM STASH... old stash...purchased in 2000 from the now defunt Yarn Frenzy. I sure miss Sandy & Danielle...I digress.

Knitted on KPO size 6s & 4s for gauge.
The pattern: Amy King's More Stripes from I had to go on faith with gauge and pattern instructions and common sense regarding V-neck to make the 32 1/2" size as specified. I am not 32 1/2" in bust, nor have I been since age 9 or 10. But I measured around my ribcage under my bust and it was about 33" so it kind of all made sense. I did make several modifications...first of all I used the wrong side of the K4pP1 fabric..then added a bit of length, 3" overall, and shaped the waistline for about 4" by going down 2 needle sizes. I also used a single crochet edging to finish the armholes and decrease bulk.

The STEEKING process was quite exhilarating! (link provided if you'd like continuity here!)

Picking up the neckline per the instructions made a really nice edging around the neck! Very 'finished' looking. I blocked her out to measurements. Voila'! I am really pleased with the outcome! It will look nice with work clothes or with jeans. And it really keeps my "vesty parts" warm!

Friday, February 01, 2008


I know, I know, you're waiting for "More Stripes...Only Not"...well, you're just going to have to wait a bit. I STILL haven't seamed it. Worked a LOT this week and just didn't feel like it after work...too dark...too tired...too whatever..waaahwaahwaah right! But I did knit a bit. I made a Thorpe! (you have to scroll down on the sidebar for the free pattern..very cute!)

The yarn is Misty Baby Alpaca in a Cream/Periwinkle Blue soft!

Can't you just feel the plush, luscious softness? Size Large, on Size 9 KPO's, about 1 and a half skeins. KNITTED FROM STASH!

And voila', in just two quick evenings....we have a Thorpe! Isn't she purty?

Mebbe a little salt & pepper for accent?

The man asked if he could give it to the gal that works at the drive through coffee shop "The Senior Bean". He thought she looked cold (it was -15 this morning!) She was very happy and sent me a darling hand drawn thank you note.

Just spreading a little warmth and cheer on a cold February day! Here's the view from my 'yarn room' the sparkle of hoarfrost...glad I'm INDOORS!

Have a great knitterly day!