Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Preparation for Summer....

I have a new finished object to show off. And frankly, I think it's quite adorable!

Back in March, St. Patty's day in fact, I treated myself to an bag sale of the discontinued Needful Yarns 'Geranium". I purchased a bag of Sea Glass and a bag of Valencia. This yarn in skein looks like a thick/thin/variagated boucle and is listed as bulky weight. The Sea Glass is a melange of turquoise, cream and olive. Intriguing yarn.

I swatched...and swatched...and swatched...and for the life of me could not figure out a use for such an insolent fabric.

Somewhere along the way, on Ravelry, I read someone's comment...and pipe up if it was your idea because I cannot remember whose comment it was...about the possibility of using this yarn for Waterlily (Interweave Knits Spring 2006). Now, the original uses Colinette Giotto, so subbing the Geranium was quite an imaginative stretch...but I figured, what the heck, and played around with needle sizes until I got the fabric I liked. (The pattern suggests 10, 101/2 and 11s...I used 8, 9, 10s)

Wow! What a cute little pattern. I love long drapey tops, I love 'racerback' style exposed shoulders.

I love just knitting in the round on and on while watching lots of fun programs (like Season 3 of The Tudors..pant, pant) and the HBO movie "Grey Gardens"(which I watched THREE times..I never hardly ever watch a movie more than once..on purpose), and Saving Grace, and The Number 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (alright, busted, I watched A LOT of TV last week). I love having just a teensy bit of eyelet here and there for shaping and interest.

I love the swingy little flouncy bottom.

Now, I'll tell you. This stuff was some lumpy mess before blocking. But a quick soak (and sad to tell you it bled like blue hell through 3 rinses..but a vinegar bath stopped that noise!) and a nice patting out into shape...Well ladies and gentlemen what we have is a great little summer top!

Perfect for cropped pants. Or with a drawstring skirt...with a cami or Tee underneath, or just by it's own self.

Despite the full body picture, it truly is a flattering piece. Even my daughter said so...and getting a complement from your 17 yr old daughter..well everyone knows that's high praise.

So once we start getting a little more warmth with our sunshine up here, I think this will be getting a LOT of use this season. And that's all I have to say about that.