Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Catching Up

Thanks so much for your kind comments on the 'More Stripes...Only Not' vest. I've worn it to work and it was warm, comfortable and very stylish. Since then, I've had knitting ADD! I was straightening up and sorting through the yarn and projects in the basket by my bed (visualize a large wicker laundry basket overflowing with yarn, needles, patterns...yep, that's it!) and came across a few UFOs that were in dire need of clearing from the queue.

These are mittens I started in November for a Christmas gift...but never finished. 1 1/2 mittens down and DD said "I LOVE THOSE...CAN I HAVE THEM"...But of course you can my now she has thick cozy warm springtime cheerful mittens. The yarn is Plymouth Galway Paint Chunky, knit on size 8s. The pattern is a variation from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns. Love this book. Strongly encourage anyone to add it to their library. It's my 'go-to' for basics!

Next up.....I needed a quick birthday gift for non-knitting buddy Linda. Linda needed new gloves because her old ones are oh so shabby...definately not chic! These are my first gloves with actual FINGERS...and again made using the Ann Budd 'Handy Book of Patterns'. The yarn is Plymouth Boku carried along with Elann's Devon. The two yarns played very well together and made a quick knit and dense fabric on size 6s. Just a few ends to weave in left and they'll be gifted at the end of the month.

I needed to make another little quick gifty and found a great pattern on Ravelry for these cute Fingerless mitts. I modified it a bit to give them a nice gussetted thumb...just because I think thumbs should stay warm too....but sadly, I have been unable to find the link again. Drat! I just love the feminine lacy cuffs. I held two strands of Elann's Devon together for these and knitted them on size 3s. Nice warm dense fabric. The color combo of green and brown reminds me of spring grass just sprouting up....or old toile prints....i think they're cheerful and hope the recipient enjoys them.

Lastly, I finished reknitting (for the eleventyjillionth time) the neck for 'Bed and Breakfast' from IWK Winter 03. I started this bad boy in March 06 with a knit-a-long on the chatsite. I actually finished the body and sleeves and everything within about 3-4 weeks, however....the neckline totally kicked my butt. I tried multiple modifications...funnel, plain, roll, no cables, stockinette, ribbing...nothing worked right. I set it aside and it kept moving deeper and deeper into the UFO abyss. The timing was right though, and I was able to finish the neckline the other day without too much more drama....okay, okay, i did bind off too tightly and had to rip out the last two rows and redo the bindoff on larger needles, but today is the seaming of sleeves and sides.....a quick soak, reblock, and hopefully another FO this weekend! Hooray!

Right now I'm working on a quick baby hat, and then will need to pick out yarn for the new Clapotis KAL (hey, retro is in!). I've been swatching like crazy trying to decide what to do for March though.....trying really hard to do stash knitting least for a while...

Well, that's all for today. Hope you are enjoying your weather wherever you are! Knit on!


NightOwlKnits said...

Love your B&B Lisa - pretty color too. The neckline on mine took forever too -I ripped it out repeatedly until I got it right.

Congrats on all the knitting progress.

Scrabblequeen said...

Wow, you've been BUSY. I love, love love the spring mittens...too bad they're already spoken for! I expect to mail out your cocoa swap tomorrow...wind willing.

smariek said...

You've been on a roll in the mitts/gloves dept! Love the bright cheery colors.

I'm trying to finish up my last pair of mitts using fingerling yarn, cuz I'm gonna scream if I use these long US2/US3 circular needles as DPNs for much longer. Really tempted to get a set of DPNs now...

Grace Yaskovic said...

very pretty knitting, the mittens are awesome love the color and your perfect stitches. All of your projects are just awesome Its been wet cold icy rain in NJ good thing I have been housebound!!!

Laura Jane said...

You have really good things in your UFO basket Lisa!

Love the red/pink/difficult neckline sweater with the cabled front. And the mittens are so bright and cheery.

You ARE a knitting Goddess.

Laura Jane said...

Ooh - by the way I want to know more about the clapotis KAL.

aksunflour said...

the mittens and gloves turned out great!
I just love the colors that you come up with.

Hope things are quiet up your way... there are a lot of babies due down here!