Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reflecting on this week...

It has been a long week already. Highlights at work and home...lowlights at work and home. Just life you know, but I'm feelin' the need to reflect a bit. If you're here for the knittin', scroll on through although not much to say on that front.

Where to begin?

Busy. Very very busy. (2 8hr clinics and 3 12hr L&Ds in 7's ok..i have more consecutive days off this week). Clinics packed. I was scheduled 16 to 20 patients both days. Several double booked. And of course, they were double booked with transfer prenatal patients so there was lots of new history, review of charts etc to deal with, keeping me late both days. And no lunch because (i know, i know, i did it to myself..just lemme whine willya!) shmuck that I am, I magnanimously told the front desk to book my lunch hour for teens wanting birth control. I'm a huge advocate of long-term no-brainer birth control like Implanon (not suitable for everyone...but very very very safe and EXTREMELY effective for 3 years). Access and appropriate counseling is critical for teens. My soapbox.

L&D just as busy...first night..six normal deliveries (3 first timers with lots of pushing) and one c-section..for a breech who was complete and pushing. Every muscle in my body ached for the next 24 hours. Next L&D day shift...4 more sweet easy peasy normal deliveries, along with 5 new admissions to watch...then the following night another 4 easy deliveries, and filled the house back up with 4 admissions. Not to mention all the "i really really really wanna be in labor" checkin-checkouts. I love my job, and being off today is a perk. I just felt like nothing else really got accomplished...but reflecting on the week, I know that's not true.

Professional Life:
I decided to not attend the annual meeting American College of Nurse-Midwives this year. It's in Boston. With our current home-remodel, I can't justify the expense. And now I have a 'set amount' for CME monies each year from my employer instead of funding through 'program development' allocations. It was a concession for a better quality of life. Anyway, next year the annual meeting is in Seattle. Far more reasonable airfare/hotel etc.

The good news is that I've been invited to be a poster presenter at a special "Indigenous Midwifery Meeting" sponsored by the US Indian Health Service and its Canadian equivalent. They're flyin' me to Rockville, MD for a very jam-packed 3 day conference/summit/networking experience. And all because I happened to nab the Director after her visit to Alaska one day and drive her over and give her a tour of the prenatal substance abuse treatment program I was working with. That was three years ago. Wow. You just never know what seeds get planted do you? It will be nice to get out of town for a bit and experience a bit of lower 48 springtime. I'll also be seeking out a knitting meetup if time permits (although at this time the schedule is pretty intimidating!...receptions..panel discussions...after 9 hours of the actual 'summit' gulp. No good deed goes unpunished!)


Not much. I've started and frogged the following projects this week:

1) Bonsai Tunic in Tussah Silk (after 3 lace repeats decided that thick/thin lace in this pattern just looked like crap)

2) Lizard Ridge in Noro Kureyon (keep screwing up the w&t counts. maybe was just too tired or distracted by other life events..see pay enough attention. frogged but plan to restart very very soon)

3) Branching Out scarf in's Baby Silk. (finished 3 repeats then totally lost the pattern sequencing and just frogged out of frustration)

4) I still have the 2nd Big Bag for the KAL. It lacks only about 12 more rows to be complete. Then I think I'll just go ahead and felt both of them. I'm kind of done with the big chunky knitting right now.

Domestic Life:

Ran the little grannymeister (AKA Grandma Clara) to the store a couple of times and to the beauty shop. She's decided she needs some new houseshoes and a new spring jacket so we're heading out again this weekend. She has really mastered her new toy (the Cricut) and is sending out a half dozen cards a week or more! She even got another new cartridge that has oilwells (she is from Oklahoma you know) and farm equipment. It just absolutely tickles me that she has worked through her technical frustrations with it. Yes, she still has to refer to the book a lot and yes it does take her a while and yes she does get frustrated and put it away at times..hmmm..sounds like me and my knitting.

She not only does great outsides....but she embellishes the insides of the cards as well!

Fearless crafster Grandma Clara!

The house remodel is going slowly as expected. The cabinet lady was unable to make it up the driveway due to our thaw/freeze early spring glaciation. The parking area is literally a skating rink right now and our 37 degree slope of a driveway makes for some 'interesting' moments. Due to our work schedules, she will need to be rescheduled for at least another week. Crap. On the brighter side...the new dishwasher is ubercool! It has two separate drawers that pull out so you can run a small load or a full load! nifty.

Miss Bella Blue is just entertaining everyone. She plays with her toys but loves yarn and will literally bat and attack a dangling piece of string until she collapses. Ditto with chasing around and beating up a loosely crumpled piece of paper. She is also very affectionate and likes to be around people all the time. She gives lots of nuzzles and purrs very easily. When sleepy, she heads for the nearest lap. The other animals are slowly getting acquainted/getting used to her. Spirit (our eskie) is the friendliest with her and she bats at his tail and leg feathers.

I'm concerned about the Vizla though. He's so aggressive and he jumped up and snapped at her while I was standing with her in my arms. We will need to be very very careful for a long time.

At the grocery store on Saturday, I ran into a woman (a total stranger) who was wearing a darling lacy knitted tuniccy (is that a word?) vest over a same-color long sleeve Tshirt. I stopped her and complimented on how cute that was and asked if she had knitted that herself. She, puffed herself up a bit...and rightly so...and proudly said was her first lace project and you just had to love chunky knitted lace! I asked her the name of the pattern. It was the Tea Rose Halter from IWK Spring 07. Well of course, I had that issue at home and although I didn't have the right yarn in stash...or maybe just didn't want to pull out all the boxes...I thought I had good yarn to make the Bonsai Tunic...hence my wasted knitting time as reviewed earlier.

Later that same day, on a quick trip to my closest LYS, the Tangled Skein in Eagle River, I was 'identified'...."hey, aren't you Lisa from the blog and BigBag Knitalong" Cindy, who works there part-time! How cool is THAT! The way she talked me up, made me feel like a local 'knitterati'! Thanks Cindy!

On a sad note, one of the girl's long-time best friends lost her beautiful horse, Comanche, yesterday. He colicked quite unexpectedly and despite excellent care and veterinary interventions, was unable to be saved. We are all shocked and devastated. Please send your positive thoughts and prayers for comfort in A's grief. The girl is putting together a memory scrapbook of events and trailrides and general good horsey times they had together.

Goodbye dear Comanche. You will be sorely missed.

It just makes my heart ache for her.

This afternoon I'm going to meet up with Sarah & Vickie...two of the night shift L&D nurses I've brought into the fold as it were! Vickie started knitting just a few months ago and has made a gorgeous felted bag and is now getting ready to experiment with lace! Go Vickie. Sarah is learning the joys and frustrations of multiple WIPs! Like...all the excitement of different types of projects for different moods....and the frustration of...crap...the needles you need are already in use! Perhaps they'll let me take some photos today! If so, I'll update you.

Until next time...have a very knitterly week

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kitty Love

Sometimes things are just meant to be. Please welcome the latest addition to the Midwife's Menagerie...Miss Bella Blue. Lord help us all.More later.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bed & Breakfast

Just in time for an Alaskan Spring....or maybe next winter....

I finally finished my Bed & Breakfast sweater. I. Love. It. I love almost everything about it. I know, I do need to reblock it, the top's just a bit too wide and the shoulders are down on my biceps and makes the sleeves a bit too long......I look like quasimodo in the picture but it's just the angle of the photo and the way I'm standing. I love the yarn ('s Sierra Aran). So soft. (and so very well behaved when you're blocking it) I can wear it next to skin..but I prefer a T-shirt or tank underneath. I love the pattern. This was my first complex cable project. Yes...I did the front AND the back in the same cable pattern.

I learned to cable without a cable needle. I learned to do a bit more complex seaming. I learned...oh god how painful it make a damn neckline go from cables to a complementary rib....and that you still need to bind off necklines with a LARGER needle if you want the thing to fit over your head. I learned it takes me almost 2 hours to weave in 37 ends. These were seaming ends...and neck pick up ends. I spit spliced the joins.

I LOVE the way this fits, feels and looks. I love the fact that finally....after TWO years...this UFO is finally a finished object. Cause for celebration I'm thinking!

The specs:

Pattern: Bed & Breakfast by Kathy Zimmerman from IWK Winter 2003, size 40"
Yarn:'s Sierra Aran, 80% wool/20% alpaca, 14 skeins Damson, 1 skein Mulberry
Needles: various sizes to keep gauge over the life of the project...mostly size 6-7.
Started: March 06 as a KAL with some of the other Elannimals.
Finished: With ends woven in and everything, today! Cheers!

Well, it's back to work tomorrow. Have a very knitterly week!

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Semi-Finished Object

A week or so ago you might have noticed a snappy new KAL button on the sidebar. Well, not only is it a KAL, but it's also a SWAP. I took a lesson from Grace and joined a couple of swaps and have met some AMAZINGLY fun, interesting, and generous knitters (Hi Ruth my Scrabulous buddy...I'm waving at YOU!..yep, me n' Ruth...playing Scrabble on line...what nerdier good times could you ask for?) But let's talk knitting...OK!

I dug out one of the stash bags labeled 'plain wool-good for felting'.

Inside were about 20 skeins of Patons and Lion brand Classic Wool (note...this is NOT the bag with oddballs of other feltables...these are just the ones I know that play well together and felt to about the same degree) I opted to stick with whatever is in this bag.

Lots of colors to choose from...some plain, some variagated....I opted to start with the green, held doubled as per pattern instructions, and then switch one strand to variagated once on the body of the bag. Once I was a bit into the body, the Variagated (darker of two variagated that would be used) became the constant carry along while the solid strand changed as per striping pattern.

About halfway up the bag, I switched my variagated yarn to one that was a big lighter but still had the reds......until just about the handle, then switched back to the darker variagated for balance. Frankly, I think it turned out very very pretty. Or I'm totally deluded and it looks like clown barf. But since the girl shrieked I LOVE IT WILL YOU MAKE ME ONE at the top of her lungs when she saw it...I think it's a hit.

Here it is hanging on the back of the rocking chair so you can see how humongous it is in its pre-felted stage.

I know I promised you 2 finished objects this post....and I would have given 'em to you too, but unfortunately, I've been lazing about and the blocked out Bed & Breakfast still needs about 20 or 30 ends woven in....and the Daisy baby sweater still needs sleeves sewn on....maybe later today....or maybe I'll just work on the next Big Bag so the girl will have one too!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Clappy is Complete

Thanks so much Joan for hosting the Fashionably Late in '08 Clapotis Knit-a-Long! I've enjoyed the inspiration and seeing SK's wonderful variations. Tempting me very strongly to go for the 'coin-lace' variation....we'll see. But enough of the chit-chat! Here without further ado is the finished basic Kate Gilbert Clapotis.

Specs: Sonata (100% cotton)in 'Rose Garden' colorway. 8 skeins. Every last bit. In fact I had to do about 10 1/2 " of the crochet edging in a different colorway...just for that special handcrafted look you know! I.Love.This.Yarn. (and I don't like cotton so there!) It has a gorgeous sheen and comes in amazing colors. I think though that I liked the idea of this colorway more than how it actually behaved in the fabric. The drop rows enhanced the colors by breaking up the intense variagation.

Knitted on KPO size 6s....I'd do it on 5s if I was into the do-overs. Cotton's heavy, and it stretches.

Size: Unblocked, unstretched: 84"x 24". I'm going to run an iron over it. I don't think I'm going to block it.

Mods to the Pattern: Used the 'no stitch marker method" of purling the drop stitch. I twisted the bracketing knit stitches only, if doing cotton again, i'd twist the bracketing purl stitches too. I also did a simple single crochet edging for stability and to help decrease snagging from the dropped stitches. It still curls most becomingly, yet seems more polished overall.

I sure hope the recipient likes it. I had bad luck with my first Clapotis givaway ("well, you know, I really don't wear purple"...harumph!)

So that's that! Next up you'll see not one but 2 (count em' TWO) surprise FOs. Stay tuned! And have a Great Knitterly Day!

Monday, March 10, 2008

"Why Yes", frankly, "I WAS raised by wolves...."

"why do you ask?"...

Because I have neglected to blog my immense gratitude to Ruth, my swap buddy from the recent "Misfit Cocoa Swap", hosted by KnitBud Grace! I received my package sometime last week (or possibly even the week before!...sometimes when other family members pick up the mail, a package for the mom can sit silently waiting for days and days...just sayin'). After the recent teen trauma drama things had finally settled down enough to look around and start getting back into the bloggy/knitty/swappy routine again. So, here, I just have to gloat now over this wonderfully cheerful and warm swap package! Things are missing from the pics, I'll just tell you now! I ate the entire Green & Black's Organic Espresso Dark Chocolate bar IN ONE SITTING. Yes, all 3.5 oz of it. I needed the benefits for my blood pressure, and for the antioxidants. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

But just look at this! It's chocolat tea. It. Smells. HEAVENLY! I wish your computer had smellivision...seriously it's that good!

And the cocoa...well let's just say I've stashed that Ghirardelli Mocha Cocoa in my work locker for those all-night baby marathons. The Mint Cocoa...mmmm chocolate mint...has been mostly absconded with by the girl and the Grannymeister. I caught the unmistakable aroma of chocolate mint the other morning when they were watching TV...and they looked guilty! The Gingerbread Scones were delicious! The man was pressing the crumbs against his fork to get every last bit of yummyness!

Now let's talk YARN! Face it folks. I WAS SPOILED ROTTEN! I'm using the Baby Alpaca Worsted for a cabled hat JUST FOR ME! It's so soft, I just keep it by the computer to pet! The color is exactly the same as a Chai latte'! And do you see the gleam of silk in that Knitpicks Gloss....70% merino/30% the aptly named COCOA colorway. Yummmmmm.....2 skeins of this luscious stuff. I've wanted to make a brown shawl and this is absolutely perfect! Now just to decide upon the best pattern...decisions, decisions....

Ruth, it was great being your swapbuddy! You were wonderful and I just wish I had the graciousness and good manners that you have! It's been so nice to get to know you a little bit....and if you're ever up for some on-line team scrabble competition...lemme know!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Big Bag Swap Questionnaire

1. Do you knit, crochet, or do both? For how long?
I both knit and crochet, but much prefer knitting. Learned to crochet as a youngster, learned to knit the summer I turned 9 (self-taught....library book). Did mostly crochet projects or plain garter scarves until about 8 years ago when I returned to grad school, saw a classmate knitting in those LOOOOOOONG lectures and found it the perfect antidote for a wandering mind...and I don't think the needles have been empty since. Now I only crochet borders or very lacy types of baby blankets.

2. What other crafts do you do, if any?
There are other crafts? No seriously, I sew...occasionally still quilt, embroider a bit, and enjoy beading.

3. What are your favorite colors? Colors you loathe?
I LOVE almost any shade of green or purple...reds and browns come in next...blues need to be more turquoise than navy, and yes, I even like ORANGE, especially combined with red and yellow....colors I loathe....umm...maybe black...but only because it shows so much dog/cat hair!

4. Favorite yarn brands? Fiber types? Yarn you can't stand?
Hmmmmm....I have LOTS of favorites and really never met a yarn I didn't like. Most any of the house brands especially the Pamir or Seta Lana, Malabrigo of course. And then there is Noro.(Kureyon, Silk Garden, Big Kureyon) true loves....and Plymouth Baby Alpaca...I really like any natural fiber, especially alpaca or merino...especially blended with silk..mmmm... oh oh...wait I know...I really don't enjoy knitting with Fixation or Esprit!

5. What is your favorite type of item to knit/crochet?
I like to knit shawls, hats, sweaters and baby gear, mittens, and socks every once in a while.

6. What kind of needles do you like? (i.e. circular, straight, metal, bamboo, etc.)
I switched over to KnitPicks Options a couple of years ago and seriously have not looked back. Will pull out the old Brittany Birch's for super slippery yarns like SeaSilk. I would love to try the KnitPicks small size circulars for sox on 2 needles, along with their regular DPNs. And I also am hoping to try the KnitPicks Harmony needles at some point (heh..pun intended!)

7. Any knitting tools you lack but crave?
I enjoy collecting and using different stitch markers. And can always use little notion bags, small cutting implements,and point protectors.

8. Patterns you've been dying to get but haven't yet?
Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawl book is at the top of my list....

9. Do you drink coffee, tea, cocoa? Flavors you love/hate?
I like strong black coffee (Seattle's Best...Henry's Blend) and have an Oregon Chai daily. I also drink cocoa (mostly at work on night-call) and love a mocha/chocolate flavor. I love good English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast teas....I don't care for all the extra fancy flavors ( cream....coconut..bleah..leave those for the teenyboppers I say!) but a hint of mint, vanilla, raspberry, citrus or chocolate is welcome. Green teas are nice too but I tend to reach for the black teas first.

10. Favorite sweets & snacks?
Dark dark dark chocolate. Dried fruits. Nuts. (Hot Tamales but don't tell anyone!)

11. Any pets, kids, spouses? Spouses that act like pets or kids? (j/k)
My house is a zoo. Two Cats, two horses-they're in the backyard and the barn but have been known to walk right into the den from the deck if the door is open) three dogs, one DH, one almost 16yr old DD, and the 86 yr old granny round out the fam.

12. Favorite things to knit/crochet for the above, if applicable?
The man loves his handknit hats and wears them DAILY in winter. Handknit sweaters...he's not so excited about..whatever. DD loves to wear her handknit hats and fingerless mitts, and the little grandma Clara....she enjoys the coat and shawl I've knit for her!

13. What kinds of books do you like to read? Favorite authors or genres?
Very eclectic reading tastes....for low brain energy days/nights...fangbanger trash is great (Charlaine Harris, Laurel K. Hamilton) but generally speaking I enjoy GOOD fantasy/sci-fi, most historical Nathanial Philbrick's 'In the Heart of the Sea', fiction like Ken Follett's 'Pillars of the Earth' and 'World Without End'. I'm a pretty rabid reader so there's always something different going on in each bag or room of the house.

14. Do you collect anything? (besides yarn! LOL!)
Sock monkeys (especially old tatty ones from the thrift store), Rolling pins, any type of 'peapod' art, old knitting needles, old (1940 or earlier) medical, nursing, midwifery, public health books, native art.

15. What, if any, are your non-craft related hobbies?
Hiking, Gardening (flower and vegetable). Reading. Thrift store shopping, camping & fishing.

16. Scents you adore? Scents that make you gag? I LOVE Patchouli, lavender, citrus fragrances. Vanillas, warm spicy fragrances. I don't care for the super floral scents or the cookie/cake/berry sort of mixtures. Don't really enjoy the smell of wet dog, or catbox either though ;0

17. What is your idea of a relaxing time?
Relaxing time for me is sitting on my deck/in my garden/on the sofa in front of the fireplace, drinking a glass of beer/wine/water or cup of tea/coffee/cocoa and just reading or knitting or beading away.

18. Oh yeah, are you on Ravelry and if so, care to share your Ravelry ID?
I am on Ravelry....LisaW...(all run together like that!)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Girl vs. The School District

If charges were still pending, I wouldn't be able to blog about this (spoiler...I know...but anyway). Here's what's been happening in MY world this week.

I was working a 12hr very busy L&D call Monday day. Had a few minutes and tried to call the man just to say "hi". answer at home, I call his cell phone. "Oh hi, lemme call you back, I'm at the school in the discipline principal's office".
me: (thinking to self "WTF") "what's going on? Is the girl alright"?
the man: "she's not hurt or anything....I just got here and am trying to figure out what happened. I'll call you back in 15-20 minutes".

An hour passes and no call. I call him back.
the man: "I'm still with the's pretty serious...the girl's been suspended....we'll talk more when you get home tonight".

me : (thinking OMG, OMG, OMG!)"can you tell me a little bit about it because otherwise I'm going to imagine awful things"

the manl: "Let's just talk about it when you get worrying now is NOT going to do anyone any good"

me: (thinking. oh shit...this must be really bad.)

I get home around 9pm and hear the entire story. Teachers....avert your eyes...this is NOT PRETTY.

The girl attends a local high school. She's overall an A-B student, well-liked by all but one of her teachers, popular with other kids and school staff....a normal teen who's had a couple of 'walks on the wild side' but no real trouble or emotional problems or anything beyond normal teen angst. She's pretty high spirited, strong-willed, speaks her mind. I respect that. She has had ongoing difficulty with one of her teachers. An older sort of fellow, somewhat on a retirement tract, this man is seriously unable to control his classroom in any way, shape or form. According to the girl (who has made numerous complaints about how he interacts with the kids...both to me and the man as well as to authorities within the school). Anyway...during one of this teacher's interminable lectures...another student turned to the girl and said "this is why we aren't allowed to bring weapons to school"....which got her and the other kids at her table laughing and joking around about weapons in the school and torturing teachers etc. Do you see where this is heading yet?

The girl, always up for fun and games, started rolling with it and started WRITING DOWN a list (RULE #1...NEVER WRITE DOWN ANYTHING)of all the ideas they were coming up with. As a matter of fact....the title of the BIG BOLD LETTERS....was "Plan to Murder Mr. XYZ". Yes...that is pretty scary. The mechanisms for this plan as listed included the following: 1) an arrow to the stomach 2) hot wax in his eyeballs 3) red ants to his toes 4) shoot off his elbows 5) salt and tabasco sauce to his cuts 6) hit on back of kneck (sic) with a big stick .....etc...#1 and #6 were the most lethal ideas.

At the end of class, the girl thought she'd wadded up the sheet of paper and thrown it away. Key word is thought. Evidently it had slipped under her desk and Mr. XYZ found it .....and through a thorough handwriting analysis, the girl was implicated. She was called to the principal's office in fourth hour, where being the forthcoming child that she is.....admitted very openly that yes she had written this and yes she (along with many other classmates) had participated in this act.

She was given an IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY SUSPENSION WITH RECOMMENDATION FOR PERMANENT EXPULSION FROM THE ENTIRE SCHOOL DISTRICT! AND....the police officer covering the school was called in and legal charges were also filed. Four of them. 3 Misdemeanor assault charges and 1 Felony assault charge!!!!! My barrel racing champion...A-B student.....basic overall good citizen.....with a FELONY ASSAULT charge! Holy Crap!

Understandibly, she was in tears, hysterical almost. She has worked her ASS off to keep up her grades after a little slip-up last November. Her head is totally screwed on right. She is NOT anywhere's near a juvenile delinquent, yet, ordered now to do an intake with our local youth center with the possibility of actually having to DO TIME in McLaughlin (local juvenile detention center).

When questioning the girl, and reviewing the facts of the situation....I really had a hard time wrapping my mind around how this could happen. I am thoroughly sensitive to the need for safety in the schools. I am very aware of the rash of shootings both in high schools and colleges that have occurred over the past decade. I understand the school district's NO TOLERANCE for violence of any kind policies. But for the love of God and all that is holy do you think that the school district may have overreacted JUST A TEENSY BIT! in this situation?

As I was reading the fine print of the Alaska Statutes my child was charged with having violated...the main theme of which was if the 'victim' ever 'felt in fear' at any time, I just got more and more frustrated and angry. "FEAR... I'll SHOW THAT SOB FEAR"(illustrative fictional sentence only I must add to assure all that no assault or threat is intended!!) I raged at the man while pacing back and forth and throwing my hands in the air....The man (AKA "the voice of reason" in this circumstance) said..."honey...while I sympathize with your response....and feel the same way you do...this behavior is NOT HELPFUL. What we need to do is write a rational and well-reasoned letter to the principal and school district asking for an appeal....there is an established process...and I need your help with this" He was so good and calm and thoughtful. And he sent off a most thoughtful and succinct letter. The following day, the principal called to schedule a meeting. She stated that after interviewing the other students, and the rest of the girl's teachers (all of whom spoke very highly of her thank you very much!) they were willing to reconsider the suspension and recommendation for expulsion. At the meeting, in which the girl verbally apologized and took full responsibility for making anyone feel uncomfortable and recognized the environment in which her actions could have been taken as meaningful threats, the school graciously reduced their punitive actions to a mere 5 day suspension and a change to a different class. All legal charges were also dropped. THANK GOODNESS!

As a parent, I need to feel that my child is safe in her school. As a citizen and tax payor, I also want my child's educators to feel safe in their work environment. But I still cannot help but feel that the situation was blown way the hell out of proportion initially, and had the man and I not been as pro-active parents in this...the outcome may have been far different. It's a complicated world we live in now, and often, a dangerous one. But how many of us have made similar jokes or off-the-cuff remarks about public officials, employers, systems etc. I hate to say it...but the take-home message from this seems to be you can say anything you want but NEVER WRITE ANYTHING DOWN....because it will surely come back to bite you in the ass.

I guess all's well that ends well. The girl got a 5 day break from school, I think learned a pretty strong lesson about consequences for behaviors...maybe even learned to be more thoughtful about how her actions can impact others in a harmful way, and switched out of a class where she didn't get on so well with the teacher. It's been a hard week for her. Lots of uncertainty, tension, feelings that the punishment wasn't appropriate to the crime. She...and we...learned go through the process with facts and openness and polite assertiveness. And although challenging, frustrating and uncomfortable for all of us as a family, we were all satisfied with the appropriateness of the outcome in the end. And she got some extra riding time in....which is a bonus in the winter.

Well, that was my week. Hope yours was far less eventful. Knit on!