Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Delightful Thanksgiving Holiday and an Almost Finished Object

What is this?

It's my February Lady Sweater....pinned out and blocking. I was able to finish her during the few days off after Thanksgiving. I think it turned out well..and this photo is much more true to color (Calypso Green) than the previous pics. Modeled shots will come later this week for sure!

Despite having to cover L&D Wednesday day and overnight Thursday night...and the multitudes of babies accompanying the holiday, I was able to have a lovely day Thursday with the family. Much of the prep work, and the homemade cranberry sauce was completed on Monday and Tuesday. Thursday morning was devoted to putting the turkey in the oven, along with the stuffing in a side dish pan (we do NOT like our stuffing in our turkey...we like our stuffing crunchy on top! and full of wonderful things like sausage and cranberries and pecans and savory saute'd onions and celery and such)...

Had the best darn sweet potatoes (not yams) whipped up with a dash of cinnamon and vanilla and egg...smothered with a crispy crust of toasted chopped pecans, brown sugar, flour and butter....even the teen preferred them to the marshmallow covered fact, there are none left. None. Between the granny, the girl, and the man...they were devoured.

The spinach salad added just the perfect touch of green leafy things....

For dessert, pumpkin pie (with whipped cream of course) and a decadent apple/cranberry pie topped with walnut personal favorite.

Life is good. I have much to be thankful for. And the girl GRADUATED from high school!

With a decent GPA and all. A semester early. She's working full time for now, and will likely work at a lodge this summer before leaving for college in the fall. Yes. Life IS good. Here's hoping you all enjoyed a wonderful day with friends and/or family members....

Until next time...KNIT ON!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Yes, I know it's been months. But I have been using my time productively. Honest.
Since we last connected, I've hiked through enchanting Alaskan terrain covered in waterfalls and glaciers and lakes.

I've traveled to Peru for a volunteer medical mission, a life-changing experience if ever there was one....

Hiked the Sacred Valley Inca Trail and watched the sunrise over Macchu Piccu.

And now back home, reinvested in myself...have begun a rigorous training program towards a triathlon next summer.

I'm feeling great, feeling strong, and yes, I am still knitting. Knitbud Ruth and I are doing a's her first grown-ass woman sized sweater...yes, it's the ubiquitous February Lady Sweater....I know, I know, I started one of these a year ago...but it just wasn't a good marriage of pattern and yarn at the time...this one..much improved! I'm using's luscious Highland Wool in Calypso Green (which is actually somewhat greener than it shows in the photos)

purchased during one of their amazing bag sales a year or more ago...and if you noticed the clever stitch markers between each 7 stitch lace repeat..why they are nothing more than cut up drinking straws (because who has eleventyjillion matching stitch markers?)...clever idea culled from the FLS forum on Ravelry.

So, I'm back...not sure how frequently I'll be posting, or what the content will end up being...but I've missed the blogging...until next time...

Knit On!