Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Happenings

I can't believe I had all last week off and didn't blog at all. What DID I do? Hmmm....

Put up and decorated the Christmas tree and many other homey holiday touches....

Made homemade yummy! and supervised the girls (DD, her BF and the little Grandma Clara) in the making of truffles and chocolate dipped pretzels! I'm thinking Grandma Clara and DDs BF have been sampling...enlarge the pics and I believe you will see chocosmudges around their mouths! so busted!

I'm obviously not the only one enjoying the new kitchen.

And I finally finished, blocked, and wove ends on all those Maine Morning Mitts for my midwife colleagues. Thirteen pairs in all. All from stash. Distributed by elf today. I heard they were "warmly" received.

What else..hmmm....mostly just sorting through and getting rid of or repurposing boxes of mostly things I don't need/want anymore from pre-remodel packing up. A bit of shopping, a bit of cooking, a bit of scheduled vehicle maintenance, you I will likely not post again until after the holidays, so if I don't, here's wishing you and your families a very healthy and happy holiday season. Knit on.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday Knitting To Date

We just won't talk about November. At all.
So moving right along....there has been lots of holiday knitting. I decided to make those super cute, uber fast Maine Morning Mitts for all my colleague midwives this year. After the first 4 pairs though...boring..snooze..snort...i swear i'm knitting these puppies in my sleep. 9 pairs down, 4 more pairs to's a shot of the first 6 pair. And peeps...all knit from stash, leftovers, single balls I'd bought on a whim...i feel like a machine with these mitts!

Clockwise we have Berroco Foliage, Needful Yarns Joy, SWS, leftover Big Kureyon from the Tilted Duster, ooold leftover Nashua Handknits Woolly Stripes Tweed, and yet more Berrocco Foliage.

I also finished a nice rustic scarf from 3 skeins of Queensland Collection Himalayas. This is a thick/thin spun single ply. I have about 20 more skeins of this in various colors and am having the darndest time finding the right projects for it, but I think this pattern did it merit.

Lastly, another Thorpe from yet more of the Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande (handpaint and solid) I love this stuff. It just feels so creamy ;0

Continuing with the mitts, should have the rest finished up by the weekend and will post the remainder then. I have TWELVE days off beginning Friday! Whoohoo! Plan to do holiday decorating, baking/freezing, and crafting/shopping during that time.

Not much else to say today. Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy (it's zero here today!) Knit On!