Friday, February 15, 2008

Clapotis Knit-A-Long

yay to Joan for setting up another fun KAL! I made Kate Gilbert's Clapotis back when the pattern first came out and I was easily swayed by the crowds. I used a pretty purple/green/cream handpaint superwash merino and gifted it to a co-worker for her birthday. Never saw her wear day she said to me.."you know I really just don't wear purple"....hmmph! Oh well, she'll pass it on or thrift store it and someday somewhere someone will get use from it. This Clappy will also be gifted....but I know the yarn colorway is perfect for her!

This is's Sonata, 100% cotton. Has a nice sheen and rave reviews from all who've used it. I think it will be a really comforting summer shawl for a friend who is going through a sad time right now.

If anyone reading this hasn't made this fun EASY satisfying knit....DO NOT HESITATE to jump on the Clappy bandwagon! Here's the link for the FASHIONABLY-LATE-IN-2008 Clapotis KAL! All aboard!


Grace Yaskovic said...

You remeinded me I have to take a picture of my yarn or Joan will be upset with me, I am going to use the Pointe Vecchio I have never done this and have hemmed and hawed over it but its now time!!! Love the colors you chose!

Libby said...

Sonata is some great yarn isnt it? your sweater is turning out great and I love the gloves.

Anonymous said...

Don'tcha just hate when someone doesn't appreciate your work? I'll bet it was just lovely, too.

smariek said...

It's gonna look great in those colors. I know you say this will be gifted, but I can also see YOU wearing it too.

Laura Jane said...

Oh Lisa, I'm horrified that someone would not appreciate a clappy! OMG!!!!

Do you know that I saw one on a link from a blog and was completely in love/lust with it, and thought it was a traditional thing I should be able to get when I was in France in Aug last year.

Lemme tell ya I WALKED the capital cities of the world asking for such a thing with nada as a result. In the end I emailed the great KG and asked if she knew where I could get one.

She was quite sweet and emailed me back saying she was glad I'd been unable to buy one cos that meant no-one was ripping off her pattern commercially, and I really should just bite the bullet and KNIT ONE MYSELF!!!! How embarassing - but it answered my question.

I bought some yarn to make one - not in the 50/50 silk wool she used but a nice less expensive tercel/fine wool blend that I could accept sitting in a UFO pile if unsuccessful at my rare knitting attack.

After 2 goes including swatching and having got up to row 30 or so each time with the right number of stitching, I just wasn't confident I was going to achieve it a dear friend of mine who is a superb knitter agreed to knit it for me - YAY!!

It has since been very hot for months, but I have complete faith that it will be available for use this coming (when?) winter in Australia. It is in denim blues/greys/creams to go with blue jeans and navy ensembles. I can't wait.

Yours (cheating) in support of the beautiful Clapotis KAL of 2008

Laura (and her friend Carole who is ACTUALLY knitting it)x

Joan said...

Lisa! I never thought of using Sonata for this project. I can't wait to see how yours comes out. My sis in TX would love a summer-weight one, I'm sure.

I can't do a KAL without you, dontcha know? ;-p

PS..what's ailing your Meez?

Allison said...

Very cool - I';ve made 2 and have gifted them both. I've been meaning to make one for myself so maybe now is the time! Also I used that Sonata for my Pacific Waves shawl and I really liked it. Can't wait to see your Clapotis.