Sunday, April 06, 2008

My old girl Tallula (Lulu for short) is almost 8 yrs old. Elderly for an Irish Wolfhound. She's in good shape other than arthritis, but transporting her to the vet and groomer and such has become very difficult. At 150+ lbs, lifting her into/out of the trucks is dangerous for both of us. I opted to groom her myself...indoors..(because we still have snow outside). And yes, just to clarify, she IS an INDOOR dog. All of our furkids are. I let her remain lying on her big soft cedar filled pillow bed as I snipped all her dredlocks and mats, trimmed her face and leg feathers...and the dreaded butt mat. Then using bed bath skills learned in nurse's training a hundred years ago...gave her a bedbath! It worked beautifully and only took 3 hours or so. The family was very critical of my grooming job, but she looks better, and definately smells better, and didn't have to get stressed out by a trip to the groomers. And I saved $200! Which can be spent on other endeavors (like maybe yarny goodness?)

Lulu's usually very shy around cameras but I was able to get this shot of her this morning. Isn't she sweet!

I've also done a bit of knitting this week! mojo is coming back I think!
This yarn is a lovely DK merino handpaint from SeeJayneKnit. The colorway was her first version of "Girly Camo". I love it and actually knitted up a Picovoli with this yarn. Sadly, I was almost finished with it before I realized it didn't want to be a Picovoli when it grew up. It was frogged, rewound, and has been contemplating it's future for the past year. I picked up a copy of the "Forest Canopy Shawl" pattern (by Susan Pierce Lawrence)and the "Girly Camo" totally called out. A match made in heaven I daresay...and wow, what an easypeasy nobrainer lace pattern eh! Any of you wanting to try a lace shawl, I'd highly recommend this as a first pattern!

No post would be complete these days without a gratuitous cute kitten's Bella Blue doing one of her cute kitten acts. Never a dull moment with her that's for sure!

I also finished the hat for Andrea. This is my default Churro earflap hat pattern. It took about 1 1/2 skeins of Nashua Sitar on size 8 KPOs. I think it's quite cute too!

and here's the view from the top. Don't you just love that increase spoke action!

I felted the bags. They turned out great...if you like clown barf. Seriously the red/pink/brown is GORGEOUS...the purple/green/red/yellow...yep. clown barf. Embellishments will be necessary.

Well that's it for tonight. I'm working the next three days so no blogging until late in the week. Knit on!


Scrabblequeen said...

Your fur-kids are too cute. Don't you love it when they're nice n fresh from being laundered? Oh that it could only last!

Bea said...

You dog is very sweet. I think her grooming looks just fine. The kitty as always is a cutie.

I think the girly camo is good for the forest canopy because that shawl looks wonderful so far.

Minnie~Knits said...

one of the better home grooming jobs I've seen, good job Lisa! (And I have seen a LOT of them enter my shop!)

Holly Jo said...

Lulu looks great. She has a great owner who is willing to take time to save her some stress. $200? ZOW.

Love the churro.

aksunflour said...

LOL! clown barf? would love to see a pic of that!

Aww.. the joys of kittenhood (our kitty was very sick for most of those days- but I do remember some of the mischief.) Has your new little climbed the clothes in your closet and attempted to walk across them all?

Good luck at work (and if you work at the women's health clinic- I am hearing great things about it.)

junior_goddess said...

Good going on doggie hygiene. I made Suggy stand in the shower yesterday. She didn't stay for long, but she isn't as smelly.

Add dark blue and teal to the clown barf bag. Somehow. Trust me, it will help.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, where have I been? So much going on! Lulu is just a doll, but look at that look on her face! Camera shy, for sure! And what about this Bella Blue???? OH MY GOSH, I love that cat!!! Looks just like my Kieschka, who graced me with 17 of the best years of my life. And Maryland? You have to tell me when you are going there. So close!

smariek said...

Ack! Blogger coughed up a smurf and gave me an error. Let's try this again....

Both your kids are cute, especially Bella doing her cute kitty thing.

Joan said...

Lisa, I'm on my second dog ramp from this site:
The first one wore out. It's the only way for years I could get my dogs in & out of my Jeep. I am having great success with chiro & accupuncture for Murphy lately, for her arthritis.

Tara said...

Lulu has such a soulful face! Congrats on the home grooming! I used to groom my cocker spaniel after I was traumatized watching how scared she was in someone else's hands. When she piddled on the table, I knew I'd never put her through that again. I didn't do a Eukanuba-level job, but it was good enough for us.

Is the snow ever going to melt??