Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Got the Kitten Playin' With Yarn Blues...

OLD: As in...i'm feeling that way today. Went through my old recipe file folders this morning to get my "HAM ROLL" recipe. (ham, swiss cheese, mushrooms, pimento, scallions all rolled up in a risen yeast bread) Yes, we are still working on the leftover ham from Easter. Best ever ham... made by THE MAN! I found handwritten recipes written by me or given to me from over 25 years ago. Nancy's Seafood Paella recipe threw me right back to the early 80s, when I first arrived in Anchorage. Nancy had a duplex in Muldoon and threw a fabulous party with my first ever fresh steaming open mussels and clams! I thank her today for initiating the expandion of my gustatory repertoire!

NEWS: This Friday is Dr. Andrea Wang's last day at my hospital. She's a wonderful, delightful, gorgeous Uro-Gynocologist (surgeon of leaky women's plumbing) that I've had the immense pleasure of working with for the past year or so. (She covered a lot of OB call too!) She'll be joining a private Urology practice in Anchorage. Seriously, if any women here in Alaska need this kind of service...she's your doc! I'll miss her practical approach and cheerful disposition. As a parting gift, I'm making her one of my ubiquitous variations of Amy Singer's "Churro"

.....out of THIS gorgous stuff!

NASHUA HANDKNITS "Sitar"....I think it looks like the Northern Lights and will look fabulous with her coloring! (NO it wasn't from stash....but I used a gift certificate...does that count?)

Oh...and guess what else I picked up?

Yup...Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman..thanks to Tara for the inspiration to make a Very Warm Hat from some stashed Classic Elite "Wings"!

BAGS: I FINALLY finished the knitting on the 2nd bag for the KAL. I STILL need to felt them. Maybe this afternoon...or tomorrow...this is my easy schedule week. I love the colorways and am really anxious to see how much they felt down! I've been putting the rest of the shwag together for my swap partner and having a good time with the stitch markers and other trinkets.

Gratuitous kitten photo!

BLUES: Bella Blue is a blast! (and even THE MAN has been caught PLAYING AND SNUGGLING with her!) We are still being very careful with Tucker (the Viszla) and Lulu (the Wolfhound) but all the other furkids are playing nicely together.

even PEARL surprisingly!

Here, enjoy a few more kitten pics whilst I knit.

"What's on the other side of that door?"

"It's Tucker, that's what!"

And have a great knitterly week everyone!


CatBookMom said...

Always glad to read a new post, and now you've added adorable Miss Bella Blue to the eye candy. Take care, and make sure to find time to knit something for you.

Lindsey said...

the bags are going to be wonderful! can't wait to see them felted!

Minnie~Knits said...

Can "Gratuitous kitten photos" be a regular feature? Love it.
My knitting is sadly non-existent lately. I have some kind of tendon or ligament problem in my left hand. I think it's just a sore thing and not a torn thing. But clappy is suffering just the same :-(

Allison said...

What a totally cute little kitten. I'm jealous! i LOVE that blue yarn. It's going to be gorgeous and can't wait to see your bags felted.

Holly Jo said...

I know I should be blinded by the Sitar because it is gorgeous, but oh-my-gosh Bella is too cute. I can practically hear her purring in the pictures.

hakucho said...

Your bags look great!! I bet they'll felt well. Good luck :)

Tara said...

Hey, is that Tara me? How many Taras do you have in your life? I'm a Tara, and I knitted a Very Warm Hat! I heart EZ! Have fun with the hat - it'll make you feel way smart!