Friday, March 14, 2008

A Semi-Finished Object

A week or so ago you might have noticed a snappy new KAL button on the sidebar. Well, not only is it a KAL, but it's also a SWAP. I took a lesson from Grace and joined a couple of swaps and have met some AMAZINGLY fun, interesting, and generous knitters (Hi Ruth my Scrabulous buddy...I'm waving at YOU!..yep, me n' Ruth...playing Scrabble on line...what nerdier good times could you ask for?) But let's talk knitting...OK!

I dug out one of the stash bags labeled 'plain wool-good for felting'.

Inside were about 20 skeins of Patons and Lion brand Classic Wool (note...this is NOT the bag with oddballs of other feltables...these are just the ones I know that play well together and felt to about the same degree) I opted to stick with whatever is in this bag.

Lots of colors to choose from...some plain, some variagated....I opted to start with the green, held doubled as per pattern instructions, and then switch one strand to variagated once on the body of the bag. Once I was a bit into the body, the Variagated (darker of two variagated that would be used) became the constant carry along while the solid strand changed as per striping pattern.

About halfway up the bag, I switched my variagated yarn to one that was a big lighter but still had the reds......until just about the handle, then switched back to the darker variagated for balance. Frankly, I think it turned out very very pretty. Or I'm totally deluded and it looks like clown barf. But since the girl shrieked I LOVE IT WILL YOU MAKE ME ONE at the top of her lungs when she saw it...I think it's a hit.

Here it is hanging on the back of the rocking chair so you can see how humongous it is in its pre-felted stage.

I know I promised you 2 finished objects this post....and I would have given 'em to you too, but unfortunately, I've been lazing about and the blocked out Bed & Breakfast still needs about 20 or 30 ends woven in....and the Daisy baby sweater still needs sleeves sewn on....maybe later today....or maybe I'll just work on the next Big Bag so the girl will have one too!


Minnie~Knits said...

Well I think it looks awesome, I can't wait to see how it looks felted! I really hate scrabble because I *suck* at it.

Also, "clown barf" is my new favorite adjective...I am going to try and find a way to slip that into general conversation at work tomorrow.
Don't worry I'll let you know if I'm successful.

CatBookMom said...

Great colorwork in this. I'll look forward to seeing how they colors meld during felting. Do you find that working with such heavy yarn as doubled worsted causes your hands to ache after a while?

Scrabblequeen said...

Love the bag. What a lucky one the girl is, to have a mum who'd make her a big bag like that. And Scrabulous is fabulous, eh?

Grace Yaskovic said...

love the bag I think that looks really great

aksunflour said...

Love the term "Clown barf" ROFL! The bag should look good felted. Amazing that the girl child liked it even before it was completely finished. Good job on that one!

Joan said...

ooohh, that is so pretty. Love the mix of colors. You have that eye, girl!

junior_goddess said...

WTG Mom! I think it will be a great bag-can't wait to see it after the bath!