Saturday, November 03, 2007


It's 'Dogs Modeling Handknits' month all over blogland. Not really, I just made that up. But it should be. Sheesh...take a look at Cass's Pippin modeling the Calorimetry...(scroll down to her entry dated..oh..around october 31, nov 1st..and enter her contest. Scads of FABULOUS prizes. Tell her I sent you...and that Grace sent me! Back to the doggie action..have you checked out our Minnie's Sadie in her graceful Clapotis...My sweet boy Tucker was feeling left out, so he got to model the latest "Churro" (Amy Singer pattern) earflap hat in Lorna's Laces Superwash Merino worsted...soft and yummy!

And best of all, that little flash of brown knitting your seeing is the very last little bit on the Drops Cardigan's blocking time! Whoo...a big FINISHED OBJECT that is not Christmas Knitting will be posted this week. Stay tuned. I know Tucker will be ;0

And just as an aside, that AMAZING crochet'd afghan that you see in the background..the one with a zillion colos and patterns...was MADE FOR ME as a gift from one of my favorite patient/friends ever. She's had 10 (no typo..ten..) babies, and I've been able to catch the last 5! It's the most wonderful gift I've ever received and something I absolutely treasure. She says crocheting is what keeps her sane with all those children...i don't know when she can find the time! Hugs to you Linda!


Grace Yaskovic said...

10 babies, a mama or a pez dispenser and I say that with sincere envy, my deliveries were so hard we stopped at 3 but i would have loved a huge family, what a perfect gift!!!!! Hope things are good by you!!

Joan said...

LOL Tucker looks THRILLED to be modeling, but oh so cooperative. I love colorful crocheted afghans and yours is so beautiful. My mother had 6 kids and I thought THAT was insanity. ;-}

junior_goddess said...

Tucker looks SO handsome. Please tell him I said so.

Holly Jo said...

What a lovely gift! The afghan as well as sharing the five births with you - what a compliment to your midwifery skills. :)

Your dog is adorable.

Minnie~Knits said...

LOL Tucker! He's like "I can't believe I'm doing did I get talked into this...I was just layin' here minding my own business..."