Friday, July 06, 2007


DD and one of her boys in the local small town 4th of July parade. A little rainy, but good times nonetheless!

Heading towards the finish line on the KPS wrap cardi...just a half sleeve and some i-cord ties, a good blocking and then we're done! So am I now turning to finish the oldest UFO?'s still hanging out in the living room just like it was a week ago. But I did...ahem...begin another new project. Yes that's right...the startitis virus has lingered. But it wasn't really my fault. See, I was cruisin around blogland all innocent like and happened to stumble on the Wry Punster's June 23rd blog entry....('s the website...i can't make my links work right lately and I'm not in the mood to figure it out!... so anyways...check out the entry. Yep. It's a skirt. A SKIRT....A KNITTED SKIRT? On anyone older than 30, some folks would think it was just obscene, a big waste of time..etc..etc..etc. However. I DO have the pattern in the book Knit Style. AND it looks SO much better on Wry Punster's blog than it does in the book. AND I happened to have some Silk City Spagetti (100% mercerized cotton ribbon...very crocodile if you ask) purchased as a big assed cone of yarn...(DH looks like a weapon or something...that's a LOT of yarn)....over 2lbs.....from the beloved in June 05. Anyways....the pattern is called the SHOW OFF and has an edging of BOBBLE LACE. Bobbles...heh? Well, I said to myself as I sat in the truck for 2 hours waiting for the parade, something new to try.(DH ALWAYS likes to go early to get a good spot...and you know they close the parade road off an hour before it starts.....whatever...a nice latte', good yarn and pattern, I'm good to go for a couple hours) The pattern also had a couple of new techniques I've never tried, like....long-tailed how fun is that to cast-on 343 stitches with? kind of fun I must say! Nice pretty, sturdy edging. I like it! Then the Bobble Lace pattern...first bobbles aren't until row 5 so I cruised along until then (cruise is relative....343 stitches per row and all). On row 5 I got ALL excited....and made my first, second, third and fourth bobbles. Then I re-evaluated. Bobbles suck. Seriously. are turning back and forth on 5 stinkin little stitches.....and then it just looks like a a little turd hanging there. (Might be due to the brown yarn..but anyway)....and each one of them took like 10 minutes to do....hmmmm....approx 40something bobbles per bobble row times 8 bobble rows times ten minutes do the math. Needless to say, I didn't want to spend the next two years of knitting time knitting turd bobbles. So I DECIDED to keep going with the "lace" and just omit all the bobbles. If I need something there for "oomph" or weight to make the skirt bottom flip all sexy like, I can sew some pretty beads at each bobbly interval right? So now, it's just almost comfort knitting! Oh sure there are twisty stitches and all, but I really love the way the string is knitting up and the fabric it's making (pre dropping stitches to create the lacy goodness of course) and I am supremely confident that this will be a wardrobe staple when complete. No pics yet just photographs like a boring brown blob (minus the little bobble turds) right now...but soon...sooon! Seriously....go look at Elspeths (Wry Punster)! You'll see why I was inspired. I'm at hospital all weekend so will catch up with you on Monday! Have a great knitterly week!


Joan said...

I can read it just fine, Lisa. Sometimes you just need to give bklogger a 10 min time-out & ten go back to what you were doing. MAybe try to add your links now as an edit?

DD looks amazing!

Joan said...

PS..way cute skirt but you don't need a pattern for that style, just pick your fave lace, work stockinette top down (knit a set in band for elastic) and knit it to the bottom, adding your own lace toward the hem. Go for it!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

bobble = turd! ha, ha, ha.

Allison said...

I can't wait to see your knit skirt! I've returned from your gorgeous state and we had a wonderful time!

junior_goddess said...

Bobble turds.

Bobble. Turds.


benne said...

HAHAHA!!! Lisa, I too live in a bobble-free zone. I can't get this picture out of my head of you in this really cool skirt with dog offal hanging off it. ;-} I like the skirt on the link. And she is wearing some kick-ass shoes too!