Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Not much knitting lately. Not much gardening lately (as you can see by all the weeds in the photos!). Not much of nothing lately except catching babies. And they are just coming in one at a time...a little labor here...a little labor there.......Six in all since Sunday.....Three of them my very own private moms...the others were from on-call. But I am off today (unless my last July momma goes into active labor today...she was due on 7/9....and I'll induce her Monday if she's not delivered by then). But I just don't work on Friday the 13th. Ever. Not in the past 6 years anyway. I'm not superstitious or anything really, but shared a really awful experience with another midwife on a Friday the 13th several years way back and I just don't tempt the fates that way. So it's great to sit here at keyboard, drink some tea, kick back in my jammies on this cool and rainy Friday morning, and try to figure out something clever, newsy, or mundanely intelligent to write about. Let's go to the garden to contemplate this. (And just to rub in the Alaskan-ess of the pics...these were all taken 7/12/07 at approx 11pm...except the barrel racing photos...those were at 9:30pm :))

Received a wedding invite the other day. From a sweet younger cousin....who moved to Alaska about 5 years ago...about 3 hours away from me on the road system. Do you think I've seen or heard from this woman in the past 5 years? One several day visit after a fight with the boyfriend (not the same guy she's marrying), one voice message on the phone, one Christmas card. 5 years. I'm the closest relly for 3000 miles! The wedding will be on a Riverboat in Laughlin, Nevada. I'm debating whether or not to go. It would be a fun little trip and there are direct flights to LostWages from here and Laughlin is only about an hour away from there. And it would be good to see her mom (one of my childhood fav aunties) and most of the other motley crew of rellies that would show up. But...the small petty part of me says "why bother". She did attend my wedding some 18 years ago...she was just a gangly teen of 14 then and came with her parents.....I should go's such an internal conflict sometimes when dealing with family who think you no longer exist when you leave the fold....yet even though they're pretty wacko...I still long for that sense of family we all had when I was a kid...advice from the peanut gallery is welcome! Sometimes the answers come from just taking a different perspective on things.

The Bobble-Less Show Off Skirt is now 14" long....10" of dropped stitch lace and the rest just twisted rib on 100+ fewer stitches so I'm hoping it speeds up now. Only about 15" left to go or so. Love the drape of the fabric it's making. Still photographs like a pile of brown string so far so no pics today. Here, enjoy a pansy instead.

Work news...I'll be leaving my treatment program position behind within the next couple of months and transfering over to the Women's Health Clinic within the Primary Care Center. It will be a nice change of pace to be "off" at the end of a clinic or hospital scheduled shift. Two 8 hr clinic days a 12 hr hospital day 12 hr hospital night shift each week. And I'll get to focus on an interesting research project with one of my fav OBs too. After 7 years of essentially 24/7 call it was time for a change...especially now that the grrrrrrrrllll is so active with horse competitions and all.

Speaking of the girl. See my Girl. See her Go. Go Girl Go! GO GO GO!

Yeehaw! My lil' champion. She's such a tough little redneck goat-roper!

The man is planning another 3 week sojourn soon. I'll be taking 2-3 weeks off during that time too as I transition between positions. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get that skirt finished up by then. Let's enjoy just a few more of the Maltese Crosses from the garden to kill time.

As always, you can click on the pics for supersized details!

Awright awright...but that's all I've got folks....knitting content, and maybe some yarn porn next week...till then as always, have a great knitterly week!


Gaile said...

Wow, hard to wrap my brain around the time you took some of the photos, and it's still so light out! Love the horse and rider shots. My youngest has a horse, but not much time for riding now that she's working.

As for the wedding invitation, I say go if you think you'll enjoy seeing people and if not, send your regrets and don't worry about it.

Bea said...

I am having the same wedding dilemma. I don't really know my cousin at all, I might have been 8 the last time I saw her. She's getting married in October in Connecticut. Can I just say that I really want to go because its Autumn in New England and the last time I saw my aunt was at a funeral and not a happy time? So I guess I miss my old stomping ground just a bit and the people I do actually see and know. So if I go it will be because of that, not my cousin.

If you'll have fun then go. If not then stay home and send your regrets.

Christine said...

Family is a difficult reality for many people, including me. But I say go to the wedding. See your aunt, and no one else if you don't feel up to it. Combine it with a trip to Vegas, or Laughlin (which is becoming a second Vegas, anyway). I skipped a wedding because I didn't really care for the bride/cousin, although one of my favorite uncles would be there. I just thought I'd go see him some other time. He died shortly after the wedding, unseen by me. Don't let that happen to you.

Libby said...


Congrats on your new position and change of pace!!! And to your DD for the wonderful racing and being a champ!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh!!!! The wedding issue. to go, or not to go. That is the question. I guess it comes down to a few things, logistics, mood, and the realization that if your not there, that is all your aunt is going to remember. Half the time its not about who goes, but who doesn't. If her mother is your favorite aunt, then go, but work a vacation into it. That way, you'll be enjoying yourself with your family and the wedding will be a side trip so to speak.

Anonymous said...

I'm having family issues right now, myself, so I can relate. Go to the wedding to see your aunt, if nothing else, and work a short vacation jaunt around it. That way if it is too terrible at the wedding, you will still have a nice weekend memory.

Minnie~Knits said...

Ok. Here's how to answer your question:
It's the day of the wedding. You just woke up. Time to get ready to go to the wedding.
*are you happy you are going or are you just wanting to get it over with?*
if you don't wanna go, don't go...