Monday, July 02, 2007

Really, I DO Knit!

See....something NEW!

I'm supposed to be finishing a project for the KOW (Knitting Olympic Warmups)...but I have until really next weekend to do it (17 days and all) ....and like Cate should really only take a couple of in typical fashion, I've ignored the LUNA for Juna..oh well...2 more repeats and she's done...and in typical fashion started something totally new. It's mashed potatoes for cryin' out loud! I needed comfort knitting, easy cozy gentle semi-mindless comfort knitting. And yes, I must confess, it was a semi-impulse, semi-self-indulgent, post-all-night L&D purchase...knowing full well I'd be up the rest of the day for DDs horse show ( which she blue-ribboned several events, including jumping...people don't get it that she's an amazing young horsewoman who is as comfortable in hunter jumper as she is at barrel racing) After signing paperwork and figuring out which horses she'd be running, I headed to Fantastic Fibers, my favorite LYS in "The Valley", and my closest LYS come to think of it. Knowing I only had 30 minutes or so to find something...and it was only about 55 degrees, cool, overcast....i grabbed up the KPS Neck-Down Wrap Cardigan #263 pattern (about halfway down the page in this link) and several skeins of Cascade Quatro in Kauai. My KPOptions were in the truck and I quickly had gauge on sz 8s. The picture above shows where I am a week and a half later. I love the fit and the feel of the fabric. I changed over to shorter Addi sz 8s for the sleeve at first, then switched to sz 8 Clover Doublepoints.
Do you see the difference in gauge... (AS USUAL....CLICK ON PHOTO FOR SUPER LARGE DETAILS)

luckily I wasn't too far into it before I caught it. Just goes to show you, gauge changes between types of needles.... I'll move up to sz 9 doublepoints and see how that goes tomorrow.

For those of you wondering how we are getting along on our almost 24hrs of daylight.....
Here's the ubiquitous garden update photo....July 2, 2007, We love our summer midnight sun...oh yeah!

And this picture is for you Joan! Here's my mountain in the can barely see the top through the low cloud. Yep, July 2, 2007, 10:45pm.


Grace Yaskovic said...

i am so amazed at your extended daylight! Its awesome

Your sweater looks great despite the gauge difference, love the look of the yarn

benne said...

Cheatin' on a UFO, huh? I've been a cheater for years. ;-}

I am amazed at the idea of the midnight sun. I want to see it with my own eyes one of these days. I always think of that line from the old Johnny Horton song, "North to Alaska." "The Northern Lights were running wild in the land of the Midnight Sun..." - yeah I want to see that too. :-}

Joan said...

Good Gawd! Sun even at 10:45PM! Wowza, that freaks me out. I saw that movie with Al Pacino & Robin Williams..Insomnia..where the 24 hr daylight was a prominent character. How can you sleep? LOL.

PS..I must try one of those KPS patterns. Cate loves them too. Like you said, comfort knitting.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with comfort knitting. I can't see a change in gauge, it just looks great to me. And your garden and sunlight - wow! Really, how do you sleep?

Having a Knit Fitt said...

I love my KPS wrap cardigan! Enjoy your mashed potatoes knit.

Connie said...

Love your garden photo! Did you get the magazine back via snail mail that you so graciously let me borrow awhile back? I keep forgetting to ask you.

Libby said...

Its OK if you dont finish the KOW. Its only the practice session after all!!! And I LOVE mashed potatoes!!!