Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kiri's Home!

Many many moons ago....sometime mid fall....October I think....this knitter decided to attempt her very first lacy shawl pattern. Prior success had occurred with lace scarves...fishtail lace, horseshoe lace....Various sources reported that Kiri was an excellent choice for a beginner shawl.

The knitter dug through the stash and found a variagated pink, rose, blue yarn that she and pal "R" had home-dyed waaaaayyy back in February of '06. It was a worsted wool. Nice and sturdy. Fairly soft. The knitter downloaded the pattern and cast on. She knitted and knitted and knitted and came to the last two repeats before the edging. Sadly....through no apparent fault of her own (other than normal distractions....general knitterly clutziness...etc..) the last few repeats proved more than the knitter could handle. She frogged and reknit...and frogged and reknit...and put the Kiri in timeout for several weeks until she learned to behave herself.

The knitter felt remorseful about the long timeout and devised a strategy to end the misery formerly known as the Kiri. It must be said here and now...the color did not help. The irregular runs of sick pink marled with blues became known as "Gravid Uterus Pink" due to its' resemblence to an organ with which the midwife was very familiar. Pearl was not shy in her display of contempt for the Kiri.

The strategy to completion was simple......have enough people nag the knitter often enough to assure regular time spent with Kiri....and that SHOULD have been enough.There were suggestions. There were helpful hints. But still...the last repeat and edging were impossible for the knitter to wrap her mind around. Thankfully knitbud Grace kindly offered to fix and finish the Kiri and her dangling ball of fugly. With a quick kiss goodbye to the Lady E, Kiri wound her way across North America to the Jersey shore!

Grace had kind words about Kiri. Evidently she behaved herself very very missed lost YOs.......Soon, Grace was finished. A perfect final repeat...and a perfect edging. But Kiri's journey was not over. That sweet Grace sent Kiri clear back across North America to Vancouver to visit Jayne, master yarn artist extraordinaire. Jayne worked her magic on the finished Kiri. And magic indeed it was. The pinks and roses of "Gravid Uterus" became warm teals, the blues acquired hues of turquoise. Hints of the reds still show through here and there, giving movement and drama to the overall effect.

The knitter was stunned speechless by the transformation. Not just the transformation, but the positive energy from collaboration and caring displayed by knitbuds nationwide. Originally, the knitter thought about using the finished Kiri for another nurse-midwifery scholarship fundraiser.......but now that she's home......she's just too personal and imbued with too many warm and comforting intentions to go to a stranger. Kiri and the knitter are settling into a new routine. She is the shawl of choice for a morning cuppa' in the garden. Here's hoisting a mug to a long and happy future for Kiri and the knitter!


Grace Yaskovic said...

I am so glad Kiri is safely home watch for an email from me!! I did find my issue thanks but I have something else I want to share!

smariek said...

Always nice to read a story with a happy ending.

Joan said...

Oh Lisa, she is so gorgeous! Bravo to the knitty triumverate! You definitely need to keep her for yourself. Ditto Marie--love a happy ending! Hope you are feeling better.

junior_goddess said...

YAY! Let's hear it for our talented community of knitters!

jayne said...

And look at that amazing perfectly even stitching and lovely lace. That's YOUR work too, Lisa.

I love to see your smile at having her back all nice and cozy-like.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it! It looks like a different shawl completely. I would NEVER part with her now, either, given all the good vibes coming from her.

Libby said...

Lisa, she is just beautiful!!! Congrats on turning lemons into lemonaid. What a great collaborative effort and a wonderful story.


Having a Knit Fitt said...

What a lovely & loving collaboration.