Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Luna....in Elann's Adara...color Fern...
I am through the 3rd pattern repeat.This pattern is EASY! Intuitive! It has RHYTHM!
Now, I don't know if that's because it was hard on the heels of the SunRay, which was
fast behind Kiri (who should be home soon I hear...with that shawl..well, you just never know what's going to happen next!)
Anyway, maybe the lace mojo hit....maybe it's just hours and hours of practice..(I think with SunRay I tinked at least one row for every three)...but I am only tinking maybe 1 or two stitches every pattern repeat. Seriously! Obviously it's the pattern...SK...your wonderful design and clear instruction make me want to just try more and more lacy patterns!

And just a few words about the Adara....I was worried that this yarn would be stiff and rough due to the cotton/linen construction. I shouldn't have worried. It's not butter....but it is really really soft, think cottonball soft only with more "crispness" for lack of better term. It doesn't split (even on my pointy KPOs-size 9 as per pattern if you're interested) and the color is really lovely. Folks at work and my daily drivethru latte' lady comment on the color everytime they catch me knitting. This yarn behaves itself very well. I think it will be a lovely summer weight shawl. I only have 6 skeins though, and have used 2 and started the 3rd already. I'm going to order 2 or 3 more skeins. I plan to do 6-7 repeats total. Will keep you posted!

And just 'cuz I thought it was interesting....take a look at this!

Have a great knitterly week!


junior_goddess said...

I can hear Joan having a spasm now! ;-)

Karin said...

Wow! I think I am now officially a knitting slacker! Two shawls? I did buy my HW (cream) for Sunray and it arrived last Friday, but I haven't even looked at it since. Oh well, yarn is like laundry in at least one way... it's always waiting :).

benne said...

Your shawl is beautiful, Lisa. Love that video. I would like to have several Luna shawls, I love this pattern so much. I'm already plotting my next yarn to use. It's not like I will have to ORDER any yarn. ;-}

Amy QOY said...

I would have never thought to do it in the Adara. I am playing with the Adara now with my handtowels and I like it too. To me it is no stiffer than the Sonata and I love the colors. It is a great summer yarn. Your shawl looks like the perfect summer fashion accessory.

smariek said...

How surprising. I would never have guessed Adara in Ferm would work up to look like your shawl. I had to go look at my snips again. I still would not have thought of using Adara for this shawl, but after seeing your shawl I may have to seriously consider it!

Uh... about the drive thru latte lady commenting on your knitting ... does this mean you are knitting & driving? :-)

Joan said...

Lisa, where the heck are you??
BTW I did not look at your mothy video so did not have the aforementioned spasm. Great news about the shawl mojo! I am so happy for you bc you were a bit frustrated at the outset. Thanks for the cotton/linen info. I need to make a few as gifts in a cottony yarn.
And...where ARE YOU??