Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer's Here...Where's My Camera?

It's Barrel Racing Season Again!

The Grrrrl came in first with a "green" horse night before last. Then she traveled a little further (she can wrangle rides and trailer hauling/horse hauling better than anyone I know...but then...that's horse people for you I've noticed) to scout out the competition in another region. And she joined National High School Rodeo (which offers college scholarships and stuff! whoo!) which competes a couple hours away in Soldotna. She's already working her butt off. I'm thinking it's going to be a busy summer. And sadly, she left "my" camera on the dashboard of the friend who gave her a ride the other night, so no new photos until the weekend.

In knitting news......I've been knee deep in the frog pond. Old UFOs have been ripped and rewound. T gave me the nudge I needed to repurpose some lovely yarns that didn't make it to FOs. Thanks T! I also found when inspecting these UFOs that my personal standards for both yarn and mistakes have really skyrocketed over the past two years. My knitting now is a lot "cleaner, neater, etc". It made me a lil' proud of myself. And now I have about 5 (yes...five) new sweater's worth of fabulous yarns ....including some gorgeous turquoise may have a moment of envy...cough, cough. I'll display when the camera comes home.

Speaking of home....I'll be here for 3 more days after today...which is part of my enormous amount of current business....and then...WHOOOOOO....I'm heading to San Francisco for a continueing med education conference..I LOVE MY CME...not only do I learn a lot.....there are hours of guilt free knitting time....and I'm in a nice hotel in a fun city. I'm taking a few extra days for a personal mini-vaca....just cuz I do this...and it keeps me sane...somewhat. But, even MORE FUN....I'll be meeting up with CBM and Marie and perhaps another elannite or two! AND visiting one of my favorite yarn stores EVER....ARTFIBERS. AND EXTRA FUN TOPPING....the night before I leave, I'll be meeting up with Rachel & Lala from Yarn-a-GoGo at the Great American Music Hall to see "And Devil Makes Three" and "The Whoreshoes"!!!!!!!! I have SO MUCH to do before I leave. And a wedding to attend with the family tomorrow! Well, any luck, there'll be pics by Sunday! Gotta run.


Grace Yaskovic said...

wonderful that your daughter is starting the season so well. we will miss u on your trip, and envy you a bit too, but you deserve the break, you work to hard. I too have been busy at the frog pond. funny how it comes in fits and starts!!

Joan said...

Lisa loose in San Fran? Have the authorities been notified yet?!
You so deserve the awesome yarny trip and hooking up with new knit buds is even better. Spend alot of $$ and a GREAT time.

Your DD rocks! (except for the camera thing.)

TheKnittingTeen said...

thanks so much. it would be awesome to have a mom who knits. the closet thing i have is an aunt but she isnt around that much. i also have a store i go to and i love everone there. im trying to convinse my dad to let me get a cat but hes not a cat person. i won't give up though!thnxs so much stay in touch on my blog!

Anonymous said...

I love horses! I can't wait to see more pictures. Enjoy your trip to San Fran.

Jennifer said...

Have a wonderful trip and happy knit time.

jayne said...

Oh have a fab trip! It all sounds wonderful, and I love SF!!!

The personal vacay sounds perfect. I want one. I want a whole week in Tofino all by myself. I did this once and it was heaven. Alas, I'm considered healthy enough to stay home for now.