Friday, May 11, 2007

Ipod Shuffle 5-11-07

1) "Stars on the Water"-Jimmy Buffett
2) "When You Come Back Down"-Nickel Creek
3) "Unchained Melody"-Righteous Brothers
4) "High"-James Blunt
5) "Where the Streets Have no Name"-U2
6) "Brand New Day"-Sting
7) "Because of You"-Nickelback
8) "Dancing in the Moonlight"-Van Morrison
9) "Drift Away"-Uncle Cracker
10) "Who'll Stop the Rain"-Creedence Clearwater Revival

It's a beautiful sunny day in Anchorage...I'm getting flowers at the nursery today! (PS...I finished the first repeat through row 34 of my Luna in the Fern's a great knit. more later!) Knit On!


Having a Knit Fitt said...

Excellent YouTube find! I forgot to look for one for my shuffle post.

smariek said...

Looking forward to hearing more about Luna in Adara. I'm itching to buy some, but really need to go on a yarn diet.

junior_goddess said...

Hmm-Van Morrison didn't do 'Dancing in the Moonlight", King Harvest did, and then it was covered in 2000 by some other band, don't remember who. Van Morrison did Moondance.

Your personal shopper says-Aces tickets, Dale of Norway Alyeska patterned gear (purchased or knit yourself), or a foot soaker thing. If none of those are right, you can't go wrong with a nice crystal vase.

Lisa W. said...

yeah, you're right bets...well that's digital downloads for you! thanks for the headsup!
And the ideas...hmm...he plays for Aces so tickets aren't good, but the Dale of Norway is an idea...i'll check out Pia's....

jayne said...

Again, you have several songs on your iPod that I often have on mine. At least when you post your shuffle list, I recognize your music. :)

Rainy Days and Mondays was playing on mine yesterday.

LibbyKnitKins said...


When do we get to see the traveling shawl in all her glory? Don't be holding out on us girly we really want to see it!!!