Thursday, May 10, 2007

GirlyCamo and More

I know, I know, I told you that I was going to cast on for my Luna with that gorgeous summery Adara. But I didn't..yet. I will soon. But I needed a no brainer knit on the needles too. You know the down, lots of just plain knitting in the round...a little shaping here and there. Take along knitting for things like last night's high school band concert. The interminable band concert. The concert that lasts for 3 hours and THEN has awards for many of the band members. DD rec'd two awards...."Most Likely to Get Kicked Out of Class" and "Most Likely to NOT Show Up For a Concert"...That's my girl....(grin...aaahhh...she's following in her mother's footsteps!) So of course, there was knitting. Seemed like a LOT of knitting...but on morning inspection...not so...guess that's what happens when you are on size 5s!
But I'm getting ahead of myself again.

A month ago or thereabouts, when DH was out of town again...I got a little pity party going on....I got a little self-indulgent....I got a little bit of yarn. Just a little...but it not just gorgeous? It's Girly Camo by SJK yarns! Buttery soft, washable merino DK....hand painted by our own dear JAYNE! in a colorway that just sang to me from the computer screen. A few weeks it was in my very own home! Stunning!

I'd thought long and hard about what to make with this treasure. I knew I wanted top down...I knew I wanted something fitted...but simple enough to really show off the yarn. So.....I'm knitting up the Picovoli only I'm going to add 3/4 length sleeves, knitted in the round with a folded hem picot edging at the end of the sleeves. (This is Alaska after all and a gal's just gotta have some sleeve action most days).

Here's the progress so far.....doesn't seem like much for 5+ hours of knitting, but that's ok.......the fabric is luscious at 6 1/2 st/inch. My row gauge is off for the pattern (as usual), but I'm doing the length measurement and math thing and I think the pattern will be forgiving enough and I can adjust enough...and hey...if it doesn't work...well....we'll go to plan B (whatever that is!) Truly, the pics do not give this yarn colorway justice! It has such a melange of Reds (pinks/scarlet/russet) and greens (olive/forest/kelly.)..If I'm at the nursery I tell you, I'd blend right in with the geranium section! I LOVE this yarn!

I've had a really funny thing happening at work recently. I'm one of the general CNMs for the Alaska Native Medical Center, but I'm also a specialist in substance abuse/addictions and have a separate clinic off the hospital campus for substance abusing women. I frequently receive referral calls from the obstetric and perinatal care providers from the ANMC campus as well as from within the private sector so it's not unusual for me to receive pages and phone calls several times a day. Recently however, I've rec'd 3 pages and a half dozen phone calls from physicians and nursing staff.....needing assistance with ....get this......KNITTING!.....example:

Me: "Hello, this is Lisa W returning your page/call"
Dr XYZ" "Oh, hello Lisa, thanks for calling me back. I got your name from so and so over at the hospital. She said you might be able to help me with a knitting you mind"
Me: "Huh...oh..oh sure...ummm....(thinking...and I'm in the middle of clinic right now)...perhaps after hours or at lunch time....

I'm getting a reputation as the local "knitwife" instead of "midwife" haha... My (non-knitter,non-blogger) pal Laureen calls me the "local kniteratti" (like glitterati...get it..hahah)

anyway...i thought it was funny...Something else (especialy for you Jayne) that is funny is that I missed Pearl's spring haircut appt. There is ONLY ONE groomer in Anchorage that does cats. And she only does a few cats including mine (because she's done her for 10 years) and it takes at least 5-6 weeks to get an appt with her...and honestly she's really a grouch to her customers....but hey...I don't want to take the clippers to Miss it will be almost the 4th of July before Pearl gets her summer cut. She is NOT amused. And proceeded to show me her disgust with my lack of planning and atttention to detail by horking up a big nasty wet furball....on .....WREN....which is why I haven't posted pics yet. It was already dry when I saw

That's it for today. I'm off tomorrow (HOORAY) and will try to get the KAL weekly wrapup done then! Have a great knitterly day!


CatBookMom said...

The Girly Camo looks great! Jayne's yarns are so cuddly, I haven't yet been able to actually knit with them, rather than just petting. LOL!

Yes, Pearl does look grumpy, but isn't that part of being a Persian? Our mechanic has a 21-yo part-Maine Coon cat, who refuses to be groomed. When we were there last week, he said he just had to take her to be shaved, there wasn't any way he could keep the tangles, knots and clumps out without being severely bitten. I tried scritching her butt, right in the middle of a huge lump of fur, and she snapped at me.

kellygirl said...

Ewww! Hairball. That's disgustin'. The girly camo looks fabulicious and a picovoli to boot. That's going to be a winner!

junior_goddess said...

Knitterati! Yay! I read the knitting column in the Daily News (hell, girl, I am impressed that you even HAVe a knitting column!)

The GirlyCamo will be just right in Sept.


jayne said...

LOL! ROFL! Your poor (or is that purr) Wren. Wren is a bird after all. Perhaps Miss Pearl thought it was fitting to hoark on a bird. Ugh, but too funny. And there she is in all her cranky glory. Give her scritches behind her furry ears for me, won'tcha?

So glad you're enjoying the GC. I love that colorway. Good choice for the knitting. It seems to be showing off the colours without doing anything too outrageous in the pooling dept. That will be a comfy top. Can't wait to see it finished.

Lisa Knitwife, who also sometimes delivers babies. :)