Monday, April 09, 2007

Little of This, Little of That, and a Pinch of the Other

Well, he's finally back for a week or so. Hooray! The man traveled to Skagway, AK , flew home for less than 24hr (just enough time to fix the thermocoupler on the heater) and flew right back out to Barrow, AK . This shot from Barrow looks out over the ice field and onto the Arctic Ocean. Barrow is the northernmost community of the United States. An amazing place, 340 miles north of the Arctic Circle, polar bears are frequent visitors to this uniquely Alaskan town. The "arches" you see are actual whale ribs. Winter still has a very icy grip on Barrow!

I couldn't believe it was already Monday! And no blogging since last Wednesday or Thursday! You are probably thinking, what is that lazy ol' midwife doing? Taking a vacation or something? Isn't she part of that Wren Knitalong?
Well...umm..the lazy midwife has been taking care of the DD and the little Grandma Clara, who suffered the same ugly gut bug that has swept the state. I became rather close friends with the bleach mop. Then of course there was Easter, with all the cooking and egg dyeing and falderal that entailed. But...I did get a bit of knitting going on...rather a bit in fact. I finished a lovely little baby sweater for one of my favorite pharmacists who's due with her first baby the beginning of May. The pattern is the Harlot's Daisy. One of my favorite baby sweater default patterns. I added a little crochet trim around the neck and edging. It still needs a few ends woven in and the sunny yellow buttons, but it's essentially done and blocking. See!

Bets turned me on to the yarn. It's Plymouth Bella Colour, an acrylic/cotton blend that I picked up from Yarn Discontinued. I also picked up a baby loop mohair in a wild hand dyed orange/red/pink blend that I'll show another day. Overall this yarn was "OK". Not great, not bad...but I could feel the acrylic/plastic sort of feel...mebbe cuz it says to knit it on size 10s and I knitted this on size 7s....but...I liked the fabric better, for a baby anyway.

And did I mention my sweet Wren? I was zooming along and finished up the swatches/sleeves, then finished the right front and moved over to left front land....and left my silly knitting bag at the office all weekend....oh well....not like there's not any yarn in the house, eh?

So, since I was feeling the knit mojo....and in a sort of soxy mood....I started on the Rainy Day Socks using up some oooollllllldddddd sage green Wendy two ply from the stash. The cuff is supposed to have a clever picot edge made by YOs and K2Togs alternating and then folding over and knitting the cuff hem....hmmmm...i followed the directions...but picots? what happened? I'm going to assume it's the fuzz of my yarn...or something.

And I'm not 100% sure the knitted hem is "supposed" to look like this...but I'm not going back and frankly, it fits and looks fine from the outside...we'll see when I start the second one.

So really, I have been doin' a little of this, a little of that, and well...just a pinch of the other. Hope you're all having a great knitterly week.


Stella said...
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smariek said...

I guess it would help if I was logged in correctly before I made my comment. lol.

I've only made hats for my DD. At the rate I knit, I'm afraid a sweater will be too small by the time I finish it...

CatBookMom said...

The photo of the whale ribs is just incredible. DH says he did some financial audits of villages north of the Arctic Circle in winter; I can't quite imagine how incredibly cold it gets up there. Brrrrr!

The baby jacket is terrific; the mom is going to be thrilled! That's my favorite baby jacket pattern, as I blogged earlier. I'm still waiting for my Wren yarn from WEBS. But I'm going to take a look at your socks pattern, as if I need yet another one, lol!

junior_goddess said...

Hee hee, blame Betsy for everything. I thought that size 10 was a little optimistic for that yarn too. I'm using 7s, which means 8s or 9s for the rest of the world, but I don't see 10s. The jacket is adorable. The socks are great. Your Wren is farther along than mine!

Anonymous said...

That cardigan is as cute as can be! And I thought you were just busy with babies. Hope everyone is one the mend.