Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Have You Seen This Man?

If you see him, tell him to come home! He's doin' way too much traveling these days.

Poor DD......started getting sick around 3am. "Moooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm.......there's a bad mess in the bathroom". and my bleachmop are doing overtime these days. a different light... I feel fine AND I'm having a stay home day. I"ll probably be dinking around with the blog so if it looks wierd or anything don't worry. I enjoy YouTube and thought I'd try to add the widget for some cute/funny/interesting things...we'll see how it goes. If it doesn't work out or I don't like's only a few clicks to delete it right?

On the Wren front....I have sleeves and left front completed. About halfway through with the right front now....hate that when a pattern says "reverse shaping" and doesnt' give you the directions. I'm "winging it" (hahahahaha...cracking myself up) and it's going fine...but I probably should have taken the time to write out the reverse directions....because I left my project bag at work yesterday...and well..frankly...if it requires thought and it's been more than 24 may be disastrous. But there's more yarn at home and the pattern can be reprinted, maybe I'll start on the back today!

It's starting to look a teensy bit like spring...we call it "breakup" here. All the snow melts very rapidly and the ground becomes saturated and it's very easy to lose a shoe in the sucking mudpits of the driveway/parking areas or basically any non-paved area. It's still freezing at night though, so there's a relatively solid crust of ice/mud to walk on in the morning. Soon it will be time to lay out the plywood and spread straw all over the parking area to soak up the extra yuck. Life in's a grand state! Amazingly, pussy willows are starting to bust out everywhere......and I saw a little bit of green in my garden right at the base of the house.....looks like one lily has started pushing up, and new growth on the veronica (speedwell) too!.............Gardening dud in the newspaper says to wait another week before planting seeds. I've started pots of dahlias in the living room already. If you haven't checked out CBMs latest post...scoot on over for her Tour of Roses! Wow...that knitter has a green thumb for sure!

Hope everyone has a great knitterly day!


junior_goddess said...

Hey. It's almost time for the dogpoop festival!

I think about you guys everytime I see Alaska stuff on TV now!

(I was planning to work my fronts in tandem, so I wouldn't stutter on the shaping.)


Anonymous said...

I think I saw that same guy in the local 7-11! Are you sure he is on "assignment"?

CatBookMom said...

Ah, yes, mud season. Spent a lot of time in Winter Park, CO, one year beginning in mud season. 'Sucking mudpits' is an excellent description.

Cute guy! Hope he stays longer the next visit, hee hee.

Sleeves AND front? Hah! I haven't even had a shipping notification about my yarn. Sigh.

jayne said...

Handsome fella, that man of yours. You have been tweaking the blog, I see. Too bad about DD and the bug. Grandma C hasn't succumbed has she?