Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Somewhere between Winter & Spring

It reached 50 degrees yesterday. The snow is melting so fast! My garden is almost bare ground today. There's been enough of a warm breeze to help dry out the sucking mudpits known as the driveway. I'm sleeping with the bedroom window open at night. The songs of sweet spring birds as they build nests and start families fill my ears in the morning. It's about damn time.

Re: the Wren....I started on the back last night and am at about 6 inches..almost the last of the waist shaping decreases. But I have a "funny looking" indentation (on the right side) and a ridge on the wrong side, just above the needle size change. It's wanting to flip the ribbing up. I've dampened it and "think" it will block out...but if it doesn't, the whole back will need to be ripped out and reknit. Funny, this didn't happen on the fronts. Maybe my tension was screwed up...maybe it's the width of the piece....please knitting goddess let it block out....but if it doesn't....hey, it's only string and can be reknit..right? right?

Have a great knitterly day!


CatBookMom said...

Great eye candy for feline fans! Name and details of the lovely marmalade tabby, please. I'm still waiting for my Wren yarn to arrive. Sigh. It shipped last Thursday via UPS ground; I could have driven round trip to WEBS by now.

Lisa W. said...

CBM, that's DDs 9yr old cat...."Butt"...short for Butterscotch (the Ear Sucking Cat). I picked him up from the L&D unit clerk as an 8wk old kitten surprize for the family a few months after we lost our 19 yr old Russian Blue. He's the sweetest, most playful fun indoor, outdoor, barn running, mouse hunting (once he brought home an ermine almost as large as should have seen him carrying that over the fence! ugh!) horseback riding cat you ever saw. Pearl hates him. He just looks at her and shakes his head in pity.

Grace Yaskovic said...

Where is Kiri????? DId she take a slow boat to soak up some adventure. I wait for Nick my mailman everyday to ring the buzzer but alas no Kiri!!! Her very sad Aunt Grace

smariek said...

I'm always amazed when anyone can take great photos of cats (they're almost as difficult as trying to take pics of toddlers, lol).

Sleeping with the window open ... Brrrr! Your "warm" is my "freezing"..

jayne said...

LOL, Pearl probably thinks things like Butt-Face when that other kitty is around. I love orange kitties. They always seem to have so much personality.

Not that Pearl is lacking in personality. No way.

I think you're still leading the pack on the Wren project.