Monday, April 02, 2007

Kiri Nagalon Is OVER!!!!

I know you probably thought to yourself..."what a loser...she said she'd do the drawing on 3/31"
Unfortunately, life intervened in a & unpleasant way. Suffice it to say, it involved a nasty gut bug.....and several hours with the toilet and a the same time. gross. And the thermo coupler on the home heating system went out, and DH was out of town, and the laundry room had "seepage flooding" from the spring melt...and altogether the weekend sucked...but now it's over. Yay. Probably waaaay too much info. Sooo....

Without further ado....we have the entries......

We have a nonpartisan name drawer........

And .......we have a winner!!!!!

Congratulations Grace! So now you'll have not one ....but two packages winging their way to Joisy!

I have to laugh though....DD was curious as to all the paper snipping etc....and when Grace was the winner she said..."hey, isn't she the one whose gonna finish that...did you rig it or what"...gotta love those young suspicious minds!

And wasn't was truly a fair and random drawing based on number of comments with Kiri , shawl, nag, or some reference thereto. One comment, one paper snip...Grace & Jayne both had 9, there were several with 8, and a few lonely only's...(hey Mehitabel..I was rooting for you!)


Grace Yaskovic said...

thank you Lisa, since I know I have won something today I will not buy a lottery ticket I am sure my luck has been used up!!!!! SO not only a giftee but I save a few dollars too!!! Feel better, had the gut bug the weekend before! THey shut our heat off period here APril first, and no flooding on the second floor so we are good.

jayne said...

What a lousy weekend. Ugh! Hope you're feeling a LOT better now.

Seems fitting to me that Grace won. Conga-Rats to Grace!

Reminds me that I'm having my draw really soon too.

benne said...

I think it's only fitting that Grace won even if the thing was as crooked as a dog's hind leg. HA! Just kidding, of course. Congrats, Grace!

Jeez, what a way to spend the weekend. I think you get a pass on the drawing deadline. Feel better.