Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rookie of the Year

I'm just going to brag all over the place. I can't help it. We received a letter in the mail inviting us to a special banquet for the Alaska Barrel Racing Association. Why would that be something worth going to you might ask? well...my beautiful, horse-lovin, wacky DD was named ROOKIE OF THE YEAR for the Alaska Barrel Racing Association for 2006. She started racing in 2005 but started late in the season. Last year was her first full season of racing. And race she did. She won her way straight through all the junior divisions and missed placing with the "seasoned adults" by less than 2/10ths of a second. She won $$$$....enough to cover her entry fees and then some....she didn't win the saddle she'd hoped for...but she did get a belt buckle..cool huh! (No...she refuses to wear any of her western wear to school....it's all about Ts & hoodies in high school! She's much better at segregating the different facets of her life than I am!) For the non-horsey set out there....owning, keeping, and riding horses in Alaska has many, many challenges....and entails a huge amount of physical labor. All of which this kid does...willingly. She'd about a hundred times rather clean her barn than clean her room. Just thought I'd share some images of the girl and her horse(s)!

Here she is with Shorty and Danny (Danny's her friend's mini that comes over to play with the big boyz!)


Horse Love!

Tired Cowpoke

Demanding Boy!

Not a lot of fun hauling round bales...especially in the winter!

She jumps too!

And wins!

I think she's growing up into such a beauty....

She says...show em what I really look like ma!

That's my grrrrrl :)

More knitting updates tomorrow when I have a day off!


Grace Yaskovic said...

How wonderful for your daughter and for her proud mama!!!!

CatBookMom said...

Wow, what a great DD you have raised up! Coming so close to the 'grownups' really shows how much effort and determination she has put into being a horsewoman. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos, even the (extremely well-lit) funny face.

benne said...

Wow! I know about barrel racing and we used to own horses. They're a ton or work and barrel racers do a lot of hard work and hours in care and practice. That's HUGE - Rookie of the Year! And she's a beauty too! Oh, this is so exciting for your family, congratulations!