Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh yeah, it's Kiri Nagalong day 27 too!

OMG...is all I can say. It's been marathon week(s) at work recently due to staff shortages---spring break---a seemingly abnormal increase in births this month (I'll have to do a stats retrospective one of these days), highly needy patients, and prep for our medicaid audit next week (shoot me now..please!) It's been insane I tell you.

Not much new on the Kiri...another mistake was found...which explained the lack of symmetry of pattern...a rippin back we go...an entire 'nuther repeat...but that's ok...I will not likely be the person who sets her straight...she's going to be sent off to visit Aunt Grace for a little remedial behavior management....then possibly on to Aunt Jayne for a beauty makeover. She'll be a well traveled Kiri that's for sure! Alaska to New Jersey then on to Vancouver BC, then home.......hmmm...maybe she needs a side trip to Vermont (that's what I threaten her with....now Kiri...you behave or else you'll have to go see JOAN in Vermont...she starts getting all shaky and teary-eyed when I say that...now she's begging to go to Grace's..hah!)

In preparation for the marathon weekend at the hospital, I did a little self indulgent shopping and purchased THIS FABULOUS pattern book!

I'm a sucker for a great cover pattern and I've been wondering what to do with the Berroco Air I got for such a steal at elann.com last month. Well, this Taylored Scallops pattern by Pam Allen...which basically seems just like a version of F&F...appears to be perfect for the Air! I love scallop stripy things...very 70s-early 80s (remember those ripple afghans) I think the color of the Air and the wavy pattern will be JUST RIGHT!

There are lots of other patterns that remind me of some elannites in this book. Particularly this shawl....reminds me of SK, but with all the nupp scuttlebutt, i probably won't be doing this anytime soon.

And this lacy dress totally makes me think of Svetlana. Did you ever see this pattern?

And I am in love with this top...totally Alaska impractical but what the hey...I go on vacations (once in a while) to warm climates. And think this would look great over a tank or even sundresses (yeah...like I have sundresses!)

Overall, for the money ($24.95 before coupons/discounts etc.) with 21 patterns (even though I don't do shrugs...so really only 19 if you take those away)...I'd say it's a good buy and will surely inspire me to do some stashbusting!

Only four more days left of the Kiri Nagalong...post a comment! Drawing to be held April 1st for a fabulous goodie bag chock full of Alaska surprizes :)


Joan said...

I actually passed on buying that book bc I would never knit lace dresses etc. I may have to revisit.

That possessed Kiri had better be skeered! We'd take a lovely ride down to the transfer station (a/k/a dump) and find a lovely smelly bin for it's final resting place.

Thanks so much for the sweet stitch markers, Lisa! Did you make them btw?

Grace Yaskovic said...

AUnt grace is waiting! A little firmness and a lot of love we will have Kiri whipped into shape in no time at all!!! No Kiri should ever be afraid!!!or scorned (take it easier on her Joan---remember a wool peddlar that wasn't behaving until Aunt Grace told you what to do---lol) Next I will be the Psychic to the Shawls!!!

junior_goddess said...

Send that little Kiri wench to me. I'll take her to the river and beat her on a rock!


junior_goddess said...

PS-Grace is the Shawl-Whisperer, right?

benne said...

I like the tank pattern too and the Katherine Hepburn cardigan. I didn't see as much for me in this book. Somehow, I can't imagine showing up at the feed store in a lace skirt or dress. The one I really can't figure is the featherlight lingerie dress. It's like a tutu gone bad. ;-}

I'm glad you finally came to your senses about that Kiri. It's cursed on your needles. Ship that baby out to Lady Grace, Mistress of Shawls Gone Bad. She'll have Kiri snapped into line in no time. :-}

Anonymous said...

I say take Miss Kiri apart and burn incense over her!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

I thought Kiri had already gone to Grace. Get her outta there!

Russell said...

DH wants to know if U would like to join him on the couch for a cuddle and some TV. I promise to be good...most of the time.

jayne said...

I can't wait to get my hands on her!

Auntie J

SK said...

Kiri is going to a make over. When it returns home, it will be a star.

CatBookMom said...

I sympathize so much! My poor Highland Triangle (Folk Shawls) was a similar naughty girl, living in time-out over and over. But eventually she decided to behave and is now a warm member of the family.

Kiri will be so beautiful when she's finished with her travels. Glad you found a good way to deal with her.

Svetlana said...

Lisa, I want to make Kiri, but not for myself as I already have 3 triangle shawls. So, send it to me, I'll strighten her up, seriously!
I got the Lace Style and love the dress! I'll take the idea and make something similar: sleeveless, similar colar, but not that long, midcalf maybe. Totaly love the tank top and Lily of the valley, but the lingerie dress? Didn't get that.