Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Quiviut on the Hoof & Noro KPS

The Noro Silver Thaw (color #15 lot A) is just about knitting itself. The pattern is KPS top down turtleneck. This will have just plain stockinette rolled sleeve/hem/neck. I'm using size 9 Knitpicks Options and have spot-on 16st/4" gauge. I really like the yarn and the fabric I'm getting. It has a wooly sort of hand to it, yet feels dry at the same time. However, it doesn't seem to be at all scratchy, even with the skein looped around my neck. Haven't done the bra test though. I like the thick/thin/nubblyness and almost "primitive" texture of both the yarn and the fabric as knit up. I think it has a nice drape too, so even with the horizontal striping, it shouldn't be unflattering. (she crosses her fingers). The colors remind me of St. Patrick's Day in Alaska...wishing for green, seeing lots of gray and brown and white..the violet and purple of mountains in shadow, a basket of pansies growing in the living room window. I think it will be finished within a week or so. Excellent progress was made during the Oscars...(go Helen Mirren!) and last night's Hero's episode....save the cheerleader, save the world....are you on the list?.....

I have a ball of glowing ruby quiviut...like a precious jewel...my hands are so rough and chapped from the cold that i dare not even touch it it's so fine. I won't give you a photo right now...no way to get the color right today...so google it and ogle...drool...weep with desire all you lace knitters (yeah you Grace!...and SK!...and Svetlana....and CBM...and Trish...and Bets...oh heck...my entire link list)...Finishing the Kiri will show me that I too can boss around some yarn and so she will be my absolute next FO (after the KPS of course). I need to be pushed, shoved...shamed into doing this....I encourage your gentle/not so gentle nagging...daily...beginning March 1st! Heck...I may even make it worth your while to help me finish this by entering your nagging comment (beginning March 1st) into a drawing for a FABULOUS PRIZE! (I'm copying from Joan here! Not to leave anyone out or anything!) FABULOUS PRIZE to be determined prior to March 1st........
Don't forget about A4As sock drive! Jayne's "Ugly Betty" socks gave me quite the chuckle. Whip em up and send em off! See Joan's blog for details. (I gotta get this internal link stuff figured out...it would make it so much easier...next blog project of course)....any way, as I was saying...quivit!

The man had the opportunity to do a muskox story recently...stealing his photos, I'll share Quiviut on the Hoof!

This bull looks a little aggressive to me! All kinds of adventures here in the greatland!

Have a great knitting day!


jayne said...

Love the photos of the musk ox. Lucky you -- you live in the land of qiviut. I have yet to touch the stuff. I have felt yak roving, and that was pretty amazing.

That KPS project looks like knitting comfort food to me. I enjoy projects like that. Very relaxing.

Tag! I think you'll like this one. :)

junior_goddess said...

YAY! Was he at the Matsu farm? Nice photo.

I never wanted any MO while I was there because it was so $$$ and brown.

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Tried to explain what html to use for links but Blogger won't let me. You can find an explanation under the Blogger FAQs.

Joan said...

What stunning animals, thanks for sharing them.

Do you have the newest version of blogger, the beta? If so, it's so easy to add HTML (says she, who doesn't know an HT from an ML) by going to "customize" tab on top of the page, then a page pops up with "adding HTML" as an option in your sidebar. Alternately, if you are trying to add HTML inside a post as a link, that's easier. As you are composing your post (going from Dashboard to New Post tab), you highlight with right click the words you want the HTML to link to, then click on the tiny picture of a green circle with black writing above the post, a box will pop up for you to enter the HTML, enter it, then click OK. Email me if you need more help.

PS..love the Noro. Will be an awesome sweater.