Saturday, February 24, 2007

Whoo Baby It's Cold Outside

Minus 20 this morning...but the sun is out and it's another beautiful Alaska day. Fur Rendezvous started last night with fireworks down at the park strip in Anchorage..Today was the judging of the snow sculpture competition. Lots of "Rondy" activities. Hard for most folks in the lower 48 to imagine that we actually bundle up and ride carnival rides when it's this cold out...what..are we nuts...errr..ummm..yeah. That's Alaska for point in winter...knowing that there won't be any bare ground for at least 6 to 8 more weeks....we just go outside and play I least it's sunny.

This is shot from the deck off our bedroom. The white rim in the background is actually the Knik Arm of the Cook Inlet (yeah..ocean view..whoowhoo!)...just right of center the white blob receding in the background is Denali (aka Mt. McKinley)... the white mountain range trailing off to the right is the Alaska Range...crappy shots I know..but it really is a gorgeous day!

DD and Shorty (mustang/quarter horse cross) like to ride when the sun's out! Up here we use "ice shoes" on the horses in the winter time...the farrier comes out and changes winter and summer shoes.....just like rotating your tires (and just as expensive...yuck) Don't they look like they're having fun?

I'm staying warm indoors and starting a new project with the bag of Noro Silver Thaw...color # 15...that I got for a steal from LittleKnits...excellent product..excellent prices...excellent customer service! Go check them out!

I'm making KPS top down turtleneck, tunic length w/ roll cuffs/roll bottom...i'll put a rollneck on it when it's done. I'm hoping the striping won't be too broad/severe thus keeping it from widening my silhouette too much. I just loved the purples and greens and browns in this colorway. It'll be great with a lightweight long sleeve T or longjohns underneath!

DD's cat, Butt-the ear sucking cat says "Hi". He's staying cuddled up in Grandma Clara's bed today. She says she can't make her bed because the cats don't stay off it long enough...hmmmm...sounds like as good of an excuse as any.

Stay warm!


jayne said...

DD looks very at-home on that horse. I always wanted to be able to do that well, but I am terribly allergic.

I showed up here a few days ago (when you had your lady blocking) and tried three times to leave a comment, but my computer kept timing out. It was the only blog I came to that day 'cuz I was totally beat, and I wanted to tell you how gorgeous she was looking.

Now I can tell you (as so many others have) how impressed I am with this piece of knitting. You chose well, Grasshopper! Beautiful yarn and knitting and that FRINGE. The Fringe and blocking just make her shine. I like entrelac much better after blocking.

You look so pleased all wrapped up in her. Betcha she makes you smile and keeps you warm often.

Mmmmm...a whole bag of Silk Garden. I really do like Little Knits. They have good deals on whole bags of that Araucania Atacama, and I think I might have to buy me a bag of that. They have different colours than elann has on Monday.

Karin said...

Wow ! Look at that gorgeous gal in the last post (the model & the shawl). Absolutely beautiful - I love the fringe, it's the perfect finish. I can't believe you're that far into a new sweater already (and isn't LK great? That's where I got my Silk Garden. It's good to be NoHo isn't it).

Grace Yaskovic said...

I am so tempted by Little knits Atacama but I have a credit at Elann, so I may buy some Silver Thaw at LK not that I have a clue what I need it for Where do you buy your KPS patterns, I want to get weekend cardigan but they only show stores on their site is there an online place???

Joan said...

What a gorgeous site, your DD & her horse! Probably the best way to get around in winter.

Love the ST #15. I must buy more soon as I love that yarn too. What do you think of the texture?

What--no quick pair of wool kiddie socks? ;-)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! I envy the view from your bedroom; such a peaceful site. And the pic of your daughter and her horse is the best! I can totally relate to playing in the snow, but -20 degrees is a bit chilly, even for me.

DD said...

HELLO MOM THATS DRY IM RIDING!!! and that was like 3 years ago meghan lydon took that pic!
sheesh if u want a recenter one all you have to do is ask lol
btw shortys fatter and shorter hence his name shorty....