Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nag Me to Finish Kiri

Kiri has been essentially complete since last October/November. Yes it has been that long. Well...not totally complete. By the 4th or 5th row of her edging...something stitchwise had gone horribly horribly wrong. I was quite put out with her behavior as I was prematurely patting myself on the back for conquering lace. And it wasn't as if she was a pretty yarn either. Bets had her "Scabs & Bruises" with Lady Eve.....well...IMHO...Kiri looks like the colors of a uterus in a c-section...all pink and blue...yeah..i coulda gone all morning without writing that...sorry...but my L&D friends all have agreed. I can't blame the yarn though. I must take responsibility for her bad dye job. It was of my very first KoolAid dyeing experiments, and sadly....the least attractive. But, I figure that once blocked...if it still looks awful, I can always overdye and reblock.

Yep...that's the color.

So here's the deal. Kiri has had her timeout. I need to get off my ass and finish it. To do so I need to do the following steps:
1) find my pattern again.
2) reprint the pertinent parts if i can't find the pattern
3) rip out all the edging stitches...alll eleventy gajillion of them...i swear there are like 400 stitches on each row
4) once i get back to my baseline...METICULOUSLY COUNT OUT MY I know where to start
6) Knit the 5 rows of edging
7) Block

I want this off my desk by the end of March. It is eminently doable. I found that I totally enjoyed the cheering on, coaching, support, etc. during the Lady E saga. (Thank you ALL so much again for that. I would NEVER have stuck with it on my own!) So I thought I'd capitalize on a good thing.
Beginning March 1.....
If you stop by, leave a nag about Kiri. It doesn't have to be much of anything..or it can be a total nag rant...totally up to you have time or desire of course.
I will post progress based on the nagging and enter each person's name...each time they nag....into a drawing for a lil box of Alaska goodies. I moose nugget earrings.
Drawing will be held on March 31st or when Kiri is finished (without being overdyed if it comes to that)...whichever comes first! Hopefully Kiri will be finished first...with your help of course!

Alaska eye candy from a neighbor's yard.

Happy Knitting Day!


junior_goddess said...

I sent my friend a moose nugget doodad (or is that doo-dad) for her desk....a mouse ate the doo. Nice.

I have produced uglier hand-dyed stuff. So get over it, and gift it out. I'll kick off the month of March by saying-DID you work (or unwork) three rows today?

Grace Yaskovic said...

DO not rip anything out until you pick up the pattern with one hand and read your stitches from the beginning of the row until the end, the slip up may not be rows down or may be easily fixed by bring up a yarn over for a couple of stitches, I wish I was there to help you

Just today on my Mohair shawl I am speeding along and then I have 4 extra stitches at the end of the row How can that be, all the yarn overs matched the zigs were zagging and in the very beginning or the row of 443 stitches I missed doing a pattern of 4 stitches, I found it by doing the above. I had to tink the whole row one by one and those decrease are a b**** in Mohair but what can you do. If I can help let me know, but Kiri will be done soon! I promise, and personally I don't mind the color at all!

Joan said...

I can't nag you. It's the color. I'd be dead in my tracks too. But like bets said, you are so close to finishing & can give it away. I however have been known to occasionaly toss a whole UFO in the trash and be done with it.

jayne said...

I'm tempted to agree with Joan. I too have made some ugly looking yarn. Irredemably so.

I am doing a bunch of re-organizing/destashing and would be tempted to unravel it and ship the yarn to that shelter where they teach women to knit while they detox. But that's me.

So finish it up already -- NAG!!! And then you can try making it gloriously orangey (and give it away) or whatever.

And I'm also nagging you to do that little task I tagged you for. :)

Les said...

I don't do lace as it is probs like you have right now that I fear!!
when it is finished, you can give it to one of your patients and say "I know you were a bit groggy at the time but this is what your uterus looked like when you had your section."
Love the pic of the City Moose. Just moving in, eh? BTW, that's not a big fat tan coloured Alaskan squirrel in the second pic - to the left of the moose, is it? LOL That's what it looks like to me!

Karin said...

I will nag you (but only a little) if you will nag me, but you can pick from a gazillion projects to nage me on. There is always a good reason (the rush) to start, and rarely a good reason to finish for me. Try breaking it down into manageable bits. I do this with my multitude of WIP's - 10 rows on this, start decrease on that... Maybe that will work for you :).

ISOZMXUY - first thing in the AM?! Who can type a WV like that first thing!

SK said...

Lisa: before you frog those couple rows, wet the rows and couple rows down, and lay flat to dry. This way you can frog it stitch by stitch or row by row, it makes frogging easier. I am looking forward to see your finished shawl. SK
PS: do you get the package yet?

junior_goddess said...

Finish Kiri!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Is that a girl moose?



Anonymous said...

I am loving the animal pics! Those beasts from your previous post look like bison to me. And the moose in the backyard! Wow. Now, a word about lace. You have to love it, or don't do it. If it makes you feel good to finish something, then by all means, consider this a nag, but otherwise, rip, rip, rip. I would be a shame to not finish Kiri, though. As for color, well, I have given away items I just can't live with. Sometimes the true color isn't evident until the piece is finished.

smariek said...

Omigosh, how wonderful is that to have a moose(?) right outside the window?