Friday, March 02, 2007

Kiri Nagalong Day 2

How cute is this? chocolate lambiness! yum!

yay...lots of great nagging going on! OK nagsters (and i'm including everyone...even those who say they don't or won't "nag") let's keep it up! The lazy ass midwife only pulled out the pattern last night. She told everyone she was going to count up the rows and all to figure out where she was again and how many stitches are SUPPOSED to be on the needles...but she didn't. Just the pattern. See...nagging is very important! What is even more important is the wonderful support and ideas received. SK (lace designer and expert knitter extraordinaire suggested doing a mini wet down, stretch and dry to open up the pattern on this area to make the job easier! great tip SK. Grace QOS who is another lacy shawl expert has reminded me to read the pattern stitch by stitch and place some sort of marker following each repeat within the row to denote the "good area". Jayne has great ideas for overdying in wild orange! Excellent suggestions all! Joan & Karin are in support of frogging and/or trashing...but i've too much of myself invested in this one to not stick it out til the bloody end!

And speaking of weekends.TGIF! Not to whine too much or anything but my god my clinic has been a wreck this week. I have sent two infants and a toddler to the hospital (and all have been admitted...2 are STILL inpatients) for an awful rotovirus (gut bug) that has them blowing out both ends! It's hit my moms and moms-to-be pretty hard too but they've been able to kick it within 24-36 hours, but babies get so dehydrated so fast. Of course, this throws everything into more chaos in the residential program...assuring the moms check back in by phone every 4 hours, UAs/breathalyzers when they return for groups, staff needed to transport moms back and forth between hospital and evening process groups. stuff like that. oh, and of course, being short staffed, because when patients are sick...staff get sick too. And then there is the little business of ROIs (release of information) you know...HIPAA stuff... Our organization has a fairly new Health Information Manager who has decided that all ROIs are invalid unless they have the complete address of whatever person/organization has been signed for. So they pulled out all the ROIs with missing addresses from the charts and say that we have to 1) get new ones from the patients-some of course who are long long gone..we're just doing ongoing care coordination for them and 2) can't talk to anyone who we've had previously signed ones for. I'm sorry, but I'm just not going to stop what I'm doing in the middle of seeing patients and go find the full treatment chart (not just my separate medical chart) and go thru 5 thousand sheets of paper to see "if" the ROI has an address on it. Nope. Not. Doing. It. ok. enough work whining. the problem is....i love what i do. I love where i do it. It's just all the administrative crap above/around me that makes me crazy. and everytime there is a new manager in whatever dept., they seem to feel the need to prove themselves by making sweeping pisses everyone off. ok..enough. It really is overall a good company. with great benefits. and an amazing vision & mission. which is why i work there right.

I'm hoping for a relatively quiet weekend. I'm on call next weekend. I have 4 very late pregnant, very whiny (and understandably so) moms to be.. 2 of them are actually "due"-which i define as past 37 weeks-so I may end up at hospital over the weekend anyway. I kind of hope not. My house needs to be cleaned...toilets especially...(I HATE cleaning only do it every 2 weeks...gross huh!)...I actually have a friend who hires someone to come over every week and just clean her tubs and vacuuming or mopping...just clean tubs and toilets...holy cow! that would feel too wierd to me i think. (although i loooooved having a cleaning lady come weekly back in the days before we enacted the dreaded budget. Funny, but I always kept things much more picked up and tidy then...and always did a once over before she came to make sure all she had to do was clean...ah those were the days!)

In other news...let's see...the single sock is still single. I'm just not feeling soxie these days. But it's Ok. There is always charitable knitting to be done. And I have done and still do my share. Just not this month..or last I guess.

The Silver Thaw KPS turtleneck is on the downhill stretch. Body is complete, turtleneck is complete. First sleeve is picked up and started.

The weather totally sucks. It has been much below zero over the entire area for SEVERAL days. DD was commenting at the dinner table last night about how when she was outside cleaning up the corral, she spit and then rubbed her fingers over the big glob...and it was frozen solid by the time she took her gloves off to feel it. Yes, that short of time span. I brought in a case of bottled water that i'd left in the truck overnight. frozen solid...48 hours later there is still some ice in the bottles...and they are sitting in a 65 degree dining room. We are also having 40mph winds right now, gusting to 70mph. nothing like getting hit in the face with little particles of glass like fine snow.

OK, not much else to really blog about today...enjoy some Alaska views...keep knitting and don't forget to nag me!

Beautiful Glacier Bay Alaska....see those great big things that look like ice blocks...yep...those are glaciers!


smariek said...

What gorgeous scenery!

Guess I can't complain about our cold nights in the 40s, lol.

Bea said...

The glaciers are so beautiful. We've visited Alaska a couple of times and I so can't wait to go back, but perhaps the weather is better in summer.

jayne said...

You really do have it beautiful up there. I guess the cold is part of the price (and the beauty).

Ugh, bureaucracay. Nothin' screws up an intense people-oriented job like more and more paperwork. I used to teach high school. I loved to teach, but the bureaucracy was a killer.

I hope your moms-to-be stay nice and calm and healthy and pregnant until after the weekend, so you can have a nice break.


Having a Knit Fitt said...

Some day I will make it to Alaska.



Joan said...

I hope you are having that quiet weekend, Lisa! The scenery isn't too hard to handle!

Interesting how the Silver Thaw sweater revved along but the Kiri is crawling. See what happens when the yarn really appeals to you? No fugly yarn for me anymore, no matter what. Toss the Kiri (anti-nag).