Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lady E Purgatory

Ok, OK, here is the self portrait with Lady E Joan mentioned yesterday. She has grown by several more tiers (tears?) since taken and I HOPE to be finished with this godforsaken thing by this weekend. She really is a pretty thing, nice & soft, cozy on my lap. I know she will be a wonderful warm wrap......but I'm telling you now....entrelac....on this scale anyway....has a snooze factor of about 8/10!

Even Pearl thinks so!

This old sled and deer antler combo leans against the wall next to the front door. I think they look like a pair of midwife's hands poised for baby catching!

Happy knitting......hoping the next LE photo will be the finished product! I have some wonderful Noro Silver Thaw from the Marvelous Little Knits ( my now 2nd favorite on line yarn shop.....go visit..their sales and customer service are amazing). Would you believe that not only did they research out a way to ship to Alaska that was less than half their usual shipping venue, but the owner actually CALLED me when there was a credit card issue (wrong exp. date entered) to clear things up. Elann.com has been my very very favorite for years....but Susie at Little Knits....like I told you yesterday.....your shop just shot to the top of the list! And speaking of Elann.com......did you see the Araucania they offered Monday? Gorgeous handpainted yarny goodness. I snagged 3 different colorways-mmmmmmm...cannot wait til it gets here!


Madge said...

Hi Lisa - Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

LOL looks like you're at the end of your... rope...er, Lady E? It's gorgeous, and will probably be one of those projects where you're totally sick of doing it by the end, but then you pull it out a couple weeks later and really love it.

Looking forward to seeing your Kiri, too, when you get her finished. (I'm a total lace nut, can't cha tell?)

Grace Yaskovic said...

i think its very pretty!! I may or may not make one, I did do the scarf and listening to all the accounts of boredom I am not sure I need to endure that when there are so many other shawls to make!!! I love little knits, I have been shopping from them too and think they are right up there with Elann!! jayne pointed me in their direction and I am so grateful to her!

Joan said...

ROFL Lisa! You have really made some headway there. I am also shooting for the weekend to finish mine (oh, please).

CatBookMom said...

Your Lady E is absolutely beautiful! I am so impressed that the SWS is making such perfect squares of color. I found a pattern for an entrelac washcloth today; that may be the near-future extent of my entrelac work.

The photo of the deer antlers do indeed look like hands, sort of like the attenuated ones Elann used in the pictures of their handbag contest winners.

And yes, Little Knits is a great place to buy yarn! Jayne struck here just before Christmas; although I'd hemmed and hawed about the DB Cashmerino till it was all gone, I snapped up several bags of the Merino Aran. This was just about the time Seattle was hit by a huge snowfall, and she was so apologetic about the delays. Great customer service! Dangerous place for the credit card balance!

DD said...

AWWWWW pearl looks like shes got a horn...shes a lil unicorn now!!!! how cute
okedoke well she needs to be shaved!

thats always funny!!!

Love you mom
c u after u read this
Ur Daughter

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way with entrelec, ho-hum, but the effect is beyond compare. I WILL try Little Knits (as if I need an excuse to try another yarn shop). And WHAT Araucania??? HOW could I miss that? It must have gone so fast, but I didn't even see the peak. Darn it!

junior_goddess said...

Ok, I can't be left behind forever...I hit the halfway point and feel a little better.

I think the sled and horns look like an accident. Viva Roadkill Helper. (I spent waaaayyy too much time with the frozen chosen.)

jayne said...

It was CBM that got me onto Little Knits a few months ago. That is definitely my second favorite place to shop now. Dangerous place...and she does give excellent customer service. Saves me duty every time.

I can well believe you were in theatre, Lisa, you have such a flexible face. This is another LOL expression.

And Pearl is a thespian wannabe.

I see you joined the Pacific Northwest Fiber Bloggers. Cool!

Purlygirly said...

Hey there! Keep working on that E, so I can use the photos as inspiration to work on it in the FL heat! The baby sweater you asked about is from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitters Almanac - it's the February baby sweater. I was inspired after seeing Elliphantom's version: http://www.flickr.com/photos/68971937@N00/267142090/

Gorgeous, right?

Dear Husband said...

Hello! Is anyone in there? I'm looking for Lisa, its V-Day and I want her to come out and play. I know you bloggers have her tied up or something, someplace in cyber space. So please let her go...its my turn...DH