Sunday, February 11, 2007

5 Secrets

1) I was active duty Air Force for several years in my 20s. While enjoying the good life provided by Uncle Sam, I got a rose tattoo on my right shoulder. Many people who know me now are very surprised.
2) In college (the first undergrad go around) I posed nakedly for art students. This included drawing, painting, and photography students. While on a naked photo shoot at a waterfall in Michigan's UP, a troop of young boy scouts came rambling by. They rambled very very slooowly. I said what the hell and and finished up the shoot. There are probably still some artsy fartsy black and whites of my young nakedly self floating around somewhere. I also sold blood/plasma. Girl had to make a living some way you know!
3) My second love is theatre and I did a lot of acting in high school and college and did dinner theatre (at the Backdoor Dinner Theater in lovely suburban Wichita Falls, TX) for a couple of years. One day, I will be back on a stage again.....after I don't have to be on call all the time! I cannot dance, I cannot sing....but .....I can certainly entertain folks, in a Lucille Ball sort of way!
4) I am a horrible procrastinator but cover it well by being enormously productive and creative. (In grad school, I could pull a 20 page paper out of my ass in less than 8 hours! including references!)
5) I throw up on airplanes....almost 100% of the time. I'm the lady that lines up three barf bags in that little pocket behind the seat in front of you. It's a control issue.....(I took flying lessons to get over it....but as a passenger...i still puke).

Are you surprised?


Grace Yaskovic said...

very interesting Lisa, I have a tattoo too but the rest is uniquely you!!

junior_goddess said...

Hmmm-did we go thru Sheppard at the same time? HMMMM? Have our universal paths already crossed? (Actually they may have already, either at a quilt thing in Anchorage, or at Knitting Frenzy.)

Talk to me!

jayne said...

What a great photo! I love the look on your face.

I'm not sure that much surprises me any more. Aren't we complicated creatures, though.

I still want a tat. One of these days. I'm still thinking about where and what.

Ironic, don't you think, that you were in the AF, but throw up on planes??

CatBookMom said...

Love the 'secrets'. We may have even more fun in SF (if we can manage it) than I thought we would!!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Woo woo, see the tattoo! Love learning everybody's secrets.

Karin said...

Those are great secrets all. I forgot that I'd been tagged until I popped over here to catch up. Hm-m-m, what to reveal that is interesting but not "too too"? Love the pictures of moose, baby and especially portrait of Lisa as frustrated Lady E-er :)!