Friday, February 16, 2007

LE Saga Ad Nauseum

Lady E is within 3 rows and some fringe of being finished! Hooray. We'll have an FO to model and wear next week! There's a sneak peak at the end of this post, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share some Valentine's Day loot! I was touched beyond words to receive this hand made Valentine card from DD. What a sweetie she is (most of the time!...hey, it's hard to be almost 15...remember)

And this handmade card and crochet'd kitchen towel made by Grandma Clara. In her younger years she made countless fine thread doilies and filet crochet table scarves and those things you put on the backs and arms of chairs. So pretty. But with her arthritis, it's difficult for her to use the fine hooks and thread, so she has taken up the dishcloths and towels. I saw her working on this all week last week but had no idea it was to be for me! How sweet. And take a look at the card. One picture of the front, one of the inside. She made this too. Cardmaking is her primary occupation these days. They are lovely crafty cards. She cuts out sentiments from magazines or has me or DD download poems and make copies to use for verse on the inside. Sometimes she rubberstamps and adds glitter or ink highlights. She taught me to sew, and crochet, and always encouraged "artsy/craftsy" play when I was growing up. My A#1 primary stable positive consistent caring role model. Even though it's hard caring for an elderly person, and I've ranted and raved with frustration at times, I can't imagine not being here for she was always there for me. She's my Grandma Clara Valentine.

Pearl says "enough already...take as long as you want on the Lady E....I'll nap all over this multi-directional scarf you started and left laying around three weeks want fiber...I'll show you fiber...."

Blurry shot....yesterday there was a moose outside my office window. Shot with the cell phone through the window but maybe you can picture it......just thought I'd share!

Ah last...another shot of another boring night spent with Lady E......just...a few....more...rowwwsss.....


Joan said...

I am so jealous that you have a grandma. I miss mine deserately and was very close to both, especially Edith, who's house I now live in. Grandma Clara is a treasure! Lucky you, Lisa! Love the towel she crocheted. How wonderful that she has remained crafty all her life & just adjusted the craft to meet her abilities at the time. That's a dedicated woman!

yes, yes, blah, blah, LE. Thank GOD it's almost done. ;-) (I am jealous of that too...must get away from you today...)

jayne said...

Sounds like Lady E would make a terrible lover!

I can't get enough of Pearl. Does that cat have an attitude or WHAT. I'd love to see her with knitting needles, scowling over Lady E.

Good to see a pic of Grandma Clara. How nice of her to make you a giftie.

CatBookMom said...

What treasures you have in your grandmother and your DD. Mine died when I was 19, but I still remember the care and the love she gave me.

Lady E is looking even prettier. And just one question: Do Persians all look grumpy or is it just Pearl?? LOL! She is so pretty, and looks soo soft.

junior_goddess said...

I am so jealous that E is almost done. I can't hardly stand to do more than three squares at a whack! Do you realize I've only knitted 500 yards in the past two weeks?

I know that sometimes you feel like you are perched upright on a pane of glass. See, it's ok, everyone appreciates you!

Anonymous said...

Such Valentine goodies! How fortunate that you have a loving grandma, and that you have such treasures of hers to keep. I never knew mine (sniff). Your daughter is a sweetheart!

Love the moose pic! I have moose pics from our trip to Isle Royale in Lake Superior. The only other time I saw moose was on M-28 in the Upper Penisula, a baby, all gawky, running along side the road.

Your Lady E - magnificent! Such a great choice for yarn! I wish I could say that my "next" Lady E will be of SWS, but I would be lying, as I just can't make that kind of promise (ho-hum).