Saturday, January 06, 2007



DD & fav 7 yr old friend Luciano (Lucky for short) warn Spirit that mom's getting into organization mode! Don't look lil''s not gonna be pretty!



Now all that's left is to go through the 2006 Frog Pond..........but other chores call first!

Pearl says "wouldja take down the Christmas Tree already"...and to Jayne..."no, humans do not impress me much...actually..nothing really impresses me much....because I am the empress cat and all other species must bow to my will"


jayne said...

You know, that yarn pile did not look bad in the "before" picture. You're gonna get requests to do over everyone else's pile at this rate.

Tell Pearl that I was wondering about that tree too...

I like Pearl. She shows her true face to the world.

My little critters are both snacking behind me (in their respective pens). I can hear seeds crunching. The wee one is particularly adorable. I do give them scritches from you now and then.

CatBookMom said...

I'd swear I just re-re-reorganized the stash, but it's tumbling all over the place. Maybe it was the last-minute dive into the charity acrylics to find a few more give-aways yesterday? Maybe it was the last-minute 2006 stash enhancement? Sigh.

Pearlis so elegant. Is it just the photo, or is her coat a bit wavy?

Vamanta said...

Ah, the Frog Pond. But yours is such a pretty, colorful place. Is there a cozy afghan possibility in there?

Gorgeous, photogenic kitty!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry the frogs spawned. Or whatever it is that frogs do.

I don't think your stash was all that bad to begin with.