Friday, January 05, 2007

Womb with a View


"Womb"-pattern from Knitted up in Patons Classic Wool-less than 2 hours including stuffing and pipe cleaner action! Wow! So this little critter was knitted up as a part of a lil' comfort package for my buddy R (along w/ a pair of FiberTrends felted slippers) who was scheduled to have a hysterectomy last week. Thank god the woman came to her senses and is now proceeding with some less invasive measures to manage her cat head size fibroids. Nonetheless...I took the lil giftee package to her anyway. Slippers were a hit...Womb...well..not so. The look on her face and the way she held it gingerly between two fingers by one of it's lil' fallopian tubes told the story. (Not in a bad way....we're good enough friends that total misses end up in the "oh well, moving on" category. ) So she gladly returned it to me

Oh well. I guess not everyone has the midwife's sense of humor. But my docs laughed their asses off and had a great time with it. Then we got into little skits with it. (It was a very slooooowwww night on L&D) And now it happily resides inside the plastic pelvis I do childbirth education with! (And yes, I have used it fairly frequently in the 3 days I've been back to work...yes, this is the size of your uterus when you're not pregnant...yes, this is the size of the opening of the cervix...and yes it does have to open to the size of a large mayonnaise jar lid.....and does hurt) I am very reality based.

I will be knitting more of these puppies as quick as they are. Will probably do 3 or 4 for door prizes for our local chapter's continuing education conference in April. (I'm on the committee) But will make a little pink lining so the stuffing doesn't show so much and use red or pink pipe cleaners inside the tubes. Fun times ahead!


Vamanta said...

I am nearly speechless, which is saying a lot for me. LOL. You medical types have your own very special brand of humor, that's for sure! But I then could never make prison jokes around clients, while lawyers laughed like crazy at them. It's all relative, right?

Enid said...

too funny!! I think I just might knit one for my OB. I think he'll get a kick out of it.

Grace Yaskovic said...

i think its great especially considering all of my menopausal problems!! I should knit one and then stick pins in it!!!!

ElizaF said...

You knit a womb, I bow down to you in your position as QUEEN of the surreal. Excellent.