Sunday, January 07, 2007

Draining the Pond

I haven't "drained the pond" as it were since last holiday some things have been fermenting for a couple of years. Weekend project, purge the pond projects----rippit...rippit..rippit good!

Louet green linen tank-cover IWK summer 03 (i think) perfect in every way, except for the left ribbing...halfway up there's about a 4 inch block of garter rib on one side and regular ribbing on the the heck did I mess that up and not see it until i was almost done...i dunno...but it's gonna get frogged...and maybe fixed..or maybe knit up into something else because i ended up with 2 extra hanks of this wonderful stuff...

This was the first major cable project, but in a chunky wool...gauge..what was that? the length ended up midthigh instead of hip, arms were almost knee length....evidence of a steep learning curve re: cables and gauge. almost 1/2way frogged...the remains will be used for some felted project at a later date.

Microfiber variagated from ArtFibers in so so snaggy...and why yes...look in the upper corner...the same lot number, the same bag of yarn...but do these pieces look like the same color to you...of course not...and of course this is now discontinued....froggy went a courtin and he did ride hmmm mmmmm.....sigh, I think this will end up a nice short sleeve top like MagKnits "Nothin but a T", I think there's enough of the lighter color....there may be enough of the darker hue for a baby sweater or...... we have the start of the first the recommended yarn (Noro Kureyon)...this was a FO at one time...but horizontal stripes did not sleeve and front (or maybe a back) left to cannibalize....the remainder has already been incorporated into other projects (like nifty felted bags and such). There's a gallon size ziplock with four feet of stockinette mohair scarf right below it.....a scarf project from before I knew that you needed a garter or seed stitch edging to prevent this stuff even froggable? we will see...if not...felting and using for flower patches or something......I'll just look at it as tuition for knitting school...

OK, here is the worst...the absolute worst. This was another IWK pattern (maybe Fall 04?) knit up from Artfibers silk/merino the colors.....but in this totally didn't the enemy of bad is worse and I thought, well, maybe I'll trim it with some fun fur....this looks like an earthmother clown gone wrong....and of course, pulling all that fur out will be a total PITA.....but I'm gonna reclaim this yarn and figure out a Plan B cuz it's just too nice and soft and shiny.

Now, a challenge to the rest of you....What's in YOUR frog pond?
frog pond redux


CatBookMom said...

The FP level got higher today. While in the midst of the putting-away-Christmas mood, I swapped a couple of storage tubs from the stash. There's one type I nearly cannot open, so I swapped. That of course involved dumping yarn to be transferred, and the tub in question was charity acrylics.

There are a couple of projects not much farther than started, and those are for frogging. The yarn will be passed along in my newly-discovered plan for "Getting other Knitters to Knit RH Charity Acrylic". {smirk}

Grace Yaskovic said...

I started a shawl the other day in Cuzco from elann, super tweed from Elann and Le gran Mohair, a feather and fan band of each ---nope just didn't work So I sat last night rip rip rip and Tom laughed at me, says I didn't give it enough time. Trust me it didn't work

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it! "Earthmother Clown Gone Wrong". I didn't see anything wrong with the green top. I would frog anything for the Artfibers - love that stuff.