Monday, January 08, 2007


Baby it's cold outside
OK...I love Alaska...but this morning it was 14 degrees....below zero. That's right...negative, minus, colder than may get up to zero today. Maybe. The moon is still out..the sun is not up yet. It's 9:32am.

On the other hand...the moon is still up, it's allmost full and casts a beautiful clear blue fairy light over the bare birch branches (ugh...alliteration sandwich). It's so cold there is a rime of hoarfrost outlining each branch and twig. And the trees in the moonlight are casting indigo shadows across the snow. It is so beautiful I can hardly catch my breath...oh that's right...I can hardly catch my breath because it's 14 degrees below zero.

Posting while the truck is warming up....and trying to stay warm! Have a great day!


jayne said...

Brrrrrr!! That is cold. It's cold here too. Not as cold as you have, but cold for us. Supposed to be windy again and snowy this week. Make it stop!

I have to see if I have anything in the frog pond. I know I have unfinished business, but most of it will get finished. I ripped out several hopeless projects last year.

Yes, that merino silk yarn deserves to be preserved and reborn as something else. It is lovely yarn. I wondered what the furry object in your basket was.

Have you tried the trick (with the two distinct colour groupings of yarn) of alternating rows with the two shades? I did this successfully with Auraucania.

Vamanta said...

Lisa, there is nothing more stunning to me than the sky at night on an arctic cold day. Enjoy! Wear wool!

CatBookMom said...

My favorite memory of icy cold and its effects on the scenery is from Aspen. Many years ago I had a friend who lived there, and one morning, just as the sun was rising (a bit earlier than in Alaska, lol!), we went out on our cross-country skis through the edge of some wooded areas. The sun made the trees and the snow on the ground sparkle just like diamonds! It was a good day. Your word picture of the moonlit frosty views is wonderful.

PS - I really like the new photo!