Wednesday, November 15, 2006

La Vest


The pattern: Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, Volume 2
The yarn: "SAGE", 70% alpaca/30% wool-Artfibers-color number ?
a gorgeous dark green/black/ melange. Sz large took less than 600m at
gauge on sz 10s.
The model: one tired-ass midwife, who was very pleased that the vest actually fit well and was flattering, and not in the least "matronly". AND NO--the bottom is not ASS-SYMETRICAL-it's just the way I was standing or had tugged one side down--ok--I admit it, if it's not green scrubs, someone should probably dress me!
My modifications: This is a very simple P6K2 rib tank with shaping at the waist. I made the pattern a little longer and omitted the first K2 at each side in order to reduce bulk and ribbing weirdness. This would work very well knitted in the round to the armholes and then dividided. This was such a quick and easy knit (took less than 8 hours including seaming) that it will be knit again, perhaps as a summer top, or even 'gasp" another vest.


benne said...

Lisa, that's fabulous on you! Not a whiff of matron. ;-} I have to go look at that book. I think it would be great for a summer top too and in the round sounds good.

jayne said...

Great vest -- looks very pretty on and NO matron. None. zero. A very flattering colour and fit.

I scrolled down to admire the baby and the churros. What a rich life you have. :)

SooZ said...

That is a gorgeous vest. Ditto to the comments above - you wear it very well!

I'm totally inspired to make it.


Grace Yaskovic said...

absolutely adorable Lisa, I love the yarn and the colors!!! And I love your snowy background, its so funny I hate snow, but from now to Christmas I long to see it!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful vest! I am looking at that very sme yarn right now (different color), and my fingers are itching to knit with it again! Gorgeous stuff.

CatBookMom said...

Great vest, and a great fit!

Lisa W. said...

Thanks ladies! I really really like it. Got lots of compliments at work AND from DD "gee mom that is really slimming" . Trish...remember..ALPACA GROWS when wet..block your swatch! And Jayne, thanks, I've worked really hard for it and been really lucky and am really really grateful for all the good stuff.