Thursday, November 16, 2006

B&B Update & Fake Isle


Finished up the Red Scarf Project scarf that will wing its way to Michigan this weekend for Trish to forward on...what next..Kiri is still pouting in the corner and I'm not feeling the love quite yet to get back in touch with her....however...languishing on my desk for the past several months is...B&B. Was doing a lil B&B along with some other elannites last spring. And I finished it. All except the seaming. So I started seaming...lets just say...a few months ago. I seamed the shoulders. Then the directions said..pick up neckline i did. And that was all. And there she sat. So patient. Getting buried again and again by other patterns, other yarn...some beads. This, that, some of the other stuff. So I have now gathered back up all needed notions to get this most patient of pullovers completed. And had every intention of working on it tonight until that naughty Jayne asked " Has anyone seen November Mag Knits?". Well obviously I had to check it out. The pattern "Fake Isle" was so nifty, I just had to bump B&B once again (but just for a little bit...I promise this time...really...honest). Stash diving revealed just the right Kureyon & Lamb's Pride combo. Pointy sticks, markers, yarn and pattern are waiting for me...and there's an all new "ER" tonight. Guess what I'm gonna be doing.


Karin said...

Ah, another fellow Kureyon stasher! This does look like a great combination - looking forward to seeing how it comes together :).

benne said...

Okay, I'm shamed into submission. B&B is next up for finishing. I don't know what it is that lets me put a nearly finished project back in the basket and blithely cast on another project. Fickle knitter, that's me. That Kureyon is beautiful. I had some and gave it to Les. I tranferred my Noro addiction to Silk Garden. Great. ;-}