Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vintage Sock Love

Waaaaaay back in October I joined the Vintage Sock Swap. Fill out a questionnaire about preferences, measurements, etc....basic swap drill...and send out your pal a nifty gifty and socks to their specifications on January 7. I've been having 'issues' with my sock knitting these past two to three weeks. In fact, I have knit a grand total of 5 socks in 3 different yarns and 2 different patterns. I at last have one finished sock and have begun the second for my sadly neglected downstream sock pal. I am not thrilled with the end result though. We'll see what happens with #2. I have sent her a package with the REST of the swap items that I think were 'thoughtfully (read felt guilty as sin for being negligent AND late )selected'. She should receive it early this coming week.

To compound my feelings of guilt and amazingly talented and punctual upstream pal sent me the motherlode of all swap loot packages yesterday! OH MY GORDON! LOOK AT THIS!

perfect color! perfect fit! I LOVE STRIPEY SOCKS!

But not only did she make socks for ME, no no no....look at this adorable kitty print sock knitting bag.

She made it too...for ME! I Love It! (and yes, you may have noticed that I'd already cracked open the dark chocolate orange and the Hot Tamales!mmmmmmmmmm.....)
And...didja notice that yummy's Classic Elite Alpaca the most delicious shade of olivey..avacodo..squishy softness..great taste she has yes indeedy!

I'm feelin' the love....the Vintage Sock Swap Love....Thank You CINDY.


Joan said...

Woo-hoo! Someone made a great score! ;-p

Bea said...

Pretty socks. She did a good job spoiling you!

Minnie~Knits said...

What a haul of goodies!
I love chocolate oranges like nobody's business...

cindybmw2004 said...

Glad you liked the package. I'm also really glad you loved the socks....although I was kind-of hoping they were coming back to me! LOL Just kidding, although we wear the same size! :) Take care and it was fun putting the package together for you!

betsy said...

Get to knitting, girly!

Laura Jane said...

Dee-vine Lis. Score!!! V. Cute socks and bag and yarn.

And a chocolate orange to boot!

That will help the knitting along.

BTW - excuse my ignorance - but is there a reason why socks are knitted one at a time? ...oh never mind - I just remembered they are knit in the round, that would make it too (even more) tricky for words - excuse my knitting ignorance. Clearly I have NEVER knit a sock in my life and njor am I likely to. Lucky I'm good at sewing! :)