Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Greetings from the Furkids!

Dear Aunt fur is growing back but i's still cold...can i live with you (this only applies to auntie knitbloggers in WARM climates)...ok not really..I just gets tired of winter...and these silly ass dogs....

they just play and play, run and chase, any old thing will do....why little old spirit thinks he's all that and a bag of skittles...wrasslin around with a little tree branch!

play, play, play....silly assed dogs....humph...i'm going back to curl up by the fireplace....and take a nap.

it's january. i've never really liked january. at least here in Alaska. too cold....too dark. mostly feel like just pulling the covers up and staying in bed, sleeping, reading, knitting, drinking hot chocolate or tea...don't get me wrong, it's not SAD or anything, just a natural mammalian inclination towards hibernation...especially in sub-zero temps. The -13 to 0 spate only lasted about 3 days, then we warmed up to about 15-20 above and got some lovely fresh snow....then the power went out for about 12 hours....i read and knitted by oil lamps and candlelight. Reading Ken Follett's sequel to 'The Pillars of the Earth' (amazing wonderful totally worth the 900+ page read if you haven't read it yet...get'll thank me ;0), in a 'spoil myself' hardback "World Without End"...loving it.

I finished the first and part of the second 'Little Child's Sock' in Mountain Colors Bearfoot...hand-dyed 'Deep Grape'. It will not work. I hate it. Going to the Frog Pond. Not enough elasticity for the pattern, mohair content obscures the focused stitch patterns, decreases don't work right for leg shape..see photo

...anyway, it'll be a PITA to frog, but i have 2 huge hanks of this stuff, maybe it'll end up a shawl or something in it's next reincarnation. I have only just cast on for another try at my sock swap pal's socks. Her package is off and has lots of gifty goodness, along with cute souvenir Alaska sox and a solemn promise...because i am nothing if not determined to get this task completed ...along with upholding my honor in swadpome....darnit!

I've also knit quit a bit on my More Stripes vest. Question...when does it become your own pattern/design? The reason I ask is this. I like the wrong side of the fabric this is making much better than the right side, and plan to sew it up with the wrong side showing. I've added waist shaping and a great deal more length to the overall pattern. I'm keeping the steek, the overall proportions of the #s of stitches, the neck edging (which drew me to the pattern in the first place). I've changed the depth and edging of the armholes. The overall effect is more sleek and elongated. Is this now 'mine'? Or my interpretation of the pattern? just curious.

By the way, all furkid photos were taken at around 11am.....see what i mean about the darkness. i think i'll have another cup of coffee now and go get dog food. Ya'll have a great knitterly day. I think I'll go into doggie for the moment, play,play, play.....that'll pick up the mood!


Bea said...

Love the furkids photos. So cute and pretty. Sorry about your sock.

Tara said...

Your pets are too cute! I love all the action shots. Too bad about the purple socks. They are such a great color. Good luck with the frogging!

On a side note, I've been thinking about getting "The Pillars of the Earth" from Audible. You may have convinced me! It's a 40+ hours listen. Heaven for knitting and sewing!!

Holly Jo said...

I. love. your. cat. :) What a face!

I hear you about the January thing. I feel like I am sleepwalking. :) Cannot wake up.

Sad about your socks. The yarn would make a beautiful shawl - Ravelry will tell what is best. :)

Scrabblequeen said...

Furkid photos are awesome. Sorry, kitty can't come live where it's "warm", my dogs and I would never live with a C-A-T.(especially one with a 'tude")

Minnie~Knits said...

Awww Spirit! What a cutie...I want an Am Eskie someday :-)

Allison said...

That cat is sooooo cute! My next door neighbors have a white persian and every summer they shave him except for his head. He looks like a lion. I love it!