Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baby Shwag, FO, & Sumpin New!

I started sumpin' new today! Can you guess what it is? The yarn is that luscious Cherry Tree Hill Silk/Mohair blend from the stash (which I've had for about 3 years!). I'll let you figure out what the pattern is! I know of at least 2 other blog buddies who've made this in another yarn.

*Sunday afternoon addendum*
I started this post Saturday and had just uploaded photos and was proceeding to write some text when the phone rang at about 7:45pm. It was Linda, one of my CNM colleagues calling from the hospital. She was very friendly but there was a little bit of tension in her voice as she asked "so what time are you planning to come in?"

"What do you mean", I asked (sunburned and sweaty from having just unloaded the camper and still smelling like horse show detritus).

"well, you're supposed to work tonight", she says, (which means I should have been there about a half hour ago!)

"No way" I said, "My calendar says Thursday night this week and then Sunday next weekend"...

"i don't know, but the calendar here says it's you" (poor Linda...this happens to her time and time again...the next person on shift not knowing they're supposed to work......and she's ended up working well more than her share of double shifts = 24+ hours-insane for anyone!)

"I'll be there within an hour", I say....and proceed to break the world record in showering and driving to the hospital. Only to have a rather mellow shift with only 2 deliveries. But gosh that's stressful...and I won't find out until Monday who and how my schedule was allowed to go so awry! But I did make an awful lot of progress on the "Sumpin New"...

Pearl says "for the love of God, woman, put down the string and feed me NOW! All you do is knit, knit, knit, blog, blog, blog, knit, blog, knit, blog......I need petting, I need brushing, I need, noW, nOW, NOW!

I do have a little finished object to show off. It is, however, NOT one of my best efforts..the sleeve seaming was a bit wonky. I'll block it later and see if it makes it any better, but I don't think the recipient will really notice to be honest.

Aren't these buttons the cutest? The color of the inner ear matches the yarn EXACTLY! I couldn't resist.

The Pattern: The Harvey Kimono from Louisa Harding's Natural Knits for Babies & Moms
The Yarn: Cascade Sierra (80% Pima Cotton/20% wool) in "Mountain Rose"...also from well aged stash.
Started: August 1
Completed: (with seams & buttons & end weaving etc) August 10
I rate this pattern a 5/10-much preferring the MD Kimono in knitting & constructing (fewer seams!) But I do like the picot cast-on and bind-off edging for a feminine feel.

Lastly, I received a crapload of "BabyShwag" from Bets for winning the LibbyPool by guessing the closest to her new baby's weight/length! (me...who never wins...anything! Ever!) Whoohoo! What a total pick-me-up! There were a couple of great smelling candles, an ...interesting...golden cherub keyring..:} that I plan to save for a VERY SPECIAL OCCAISION...and fabulous yarny goodness. Bets was awfully generous with her stash I must say! Lookie!

Both yarns are Cherry Tree Hill (I don't have the labels by the 'puter" right now but wowza...yummy stuff, eh?
This will become a fabulous scarf....

And there are THREE large skeins of this lovely soft stuff (over 800 yds)'ll need to marinate for a bit until it figures out what it wants to be! pretty pretty pretty!

I was very jazzed!


smariek said...

Love love love the colors in your sumpin new. Cute kimono, and the buttons are the perfect finishing touch. I've never heard of yarn "marinating" before. I guess this mean that most of the yarns in our stash are marinating?

Libby said...

That kimono is darling!!! And Bets sure is generous with her stash! I just love the yarn that you got! I'm guessing that the sumpin new is the old shale scarf that I saw on Karen's blog and that has its very own blogsite! Thats my guess and I'm sticking to it.

Grace Yaskovic said...

Love your kimono and the swag!!! lucky Lisa, I think I may have made that shawl/stole you are working on, its a great pattern and your yarn is beautiful, SOmeday I will do it again in another yarn but for now so many shawls so little time!

junior_goddess said...

Heehee. You must save the cherub for someone who's being a d_ck, because THAT would be funny stuff.

If I can't destash by knitting it, I can find other ways. ha.

TheKnittingTeen said...

Congratulation on winning the contest. The yarn is lovley. I love the yarn for your new project! The little baby kimono is so cute especially with the matching bunnies. I don't think anyone can resist. (I also finally put up the picture of my new yarn and what I've knitted out of it so far!)

TheKnittingTeen said...
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Yarngineer said...


Sorry I missed your ringsurf submission for AlaskanKnitters until now. For some reason, gmail is sending nonspam email to my spam box and spam email to my inbox. Please add the code to your blog for the ring. You will need to do that before I can add you. There should be instructions on the AlaskanKnitters blog.

Jen!~ said...

Love the Kimono. I myself thinks the buttons are adorable. Love the Cherry Tree Hil Yarn colors are so yummy.

TheKnittingTeen said...

My parents said yes so i sent you and e mail!It starts with winwin

Anonymous said...

How cute is the Kimono??? Marinating yarn huh? Great yarn haul!