Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Ipod Shuffle

The midwife business is busy this time of year. 3 new babes this week already.....all with first time moms...(translated means looooooonnnng hours for this baby catcher). I have a boatload of pics to show you, not only of my sweet Wren, but my SunRay which is now somewhere in the fifth repeat. I saw Jayne's post about Kiri! I tell you I didn't even recognize my own shawl in that little sneaky peek she threw out there! Had to do a double take after reading her pretty! The color is perfect! Grace, two are amazing and wonderful and talented.......and I think this lil' clip says it best!

Here's the shuffle...Gotta Run....will post more this weekend!

1) "I've Got a Life"-David Guetta & Joachin Garraud Eurythmics remix
2) "What the World Needs Now"-Dionne Warwick
3) "Close to You"-Carpenters
4) "Purple Rain"-Prince
5) "Take it to the Limit"-Eagles
6) "Nothing Compares to You"-Prince
7) "I Can See Clearly Now"-Otis Redding
8) "Stuck in a Moment"-U2
9) "Wasteland"-10 Years
10) "Jumping Jack Flash"-Rolling Stones

Have a great knitterly day!


jayne said...

My very great pleasure, my dear!

Thanks for the clip. A great way to start the day. :)

Big Hug comin' at'cha)))))))))))))))))

Grace Yaskovic said...

i truly needed that thankyou for letting me help!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Oh, I need me some Dionne Warwick on my nano!

benne said...

You have got the best shuffle going! Dionne Warwick is something special.

How about that Kiri? Much, much better than ending up in an onion bag. ;-}

Sandy said...

Thanks for posting on my blog, Lisa. I have been planning out pictures and changes for it, etc. which will definitely be getting in the way of knitting time. Your Kiri looks most beautiful - Jayne does nice work, eh? and we know Grace is a wonderful knitter. Oh, and I know your Ipod list is a shuffle mix, but I think "I can see clearly now" should still be #1 on the list. Thanks for the songs.....I can see clearly now the rain has gone......