Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Few More Thoughts on Dionne Warwick

I am such a child of the sixties. One of my best early memories of getting to watch a "non-kid" movie comes from about the age of 9 or so when my babysitter let me watch "Valley of the Dolls". I was mesmerized. This was a story about stuff you overheard grown-ups whispering about. Shameful, hush-hush, don't say anything....Riveted to the TV screen. And the music......the soundtrack...the theme song especially.....playing all over the radios...evidently a #2 hit single for Dionne Warwick in the late 60s. I was and continue to be a fan for life!

Dionne Warwick, however, was not the theme song singer (say that three times fast!) here for the long version.

So,anyway, those were a few more thoughts on that subject.

Local smut....hey Bets...and're gonna love THIS. I'm past speechless...seriously..i cannot even put my thoughts into a coherent order due to the emotions this evokes. We have an awesome new governor. She's all about ethics, trust, reform. I have some sense of hope for our state government. Some.

Knitting...on Row 26 of Repeat # 5..whoo...i'm loving it...even though i seem to tink an awful lot....that's what I get for watching...

........ and trying to knit lace! More later! Happy Knitting!


Joan said...

Wow, new Gov in AK? When was that election? Remember when D. Warwick was involved in those psychic network scams? I never could conclude if she was the brains or the patsy. She and Burt Bacharach were fabulous together and her her voice was amazing. I do wish she wouldn't sing anymore bc it ruins my memories of what her voice had been.

Lisa W. said...

yeah, we have Sarah Palin (R) who has had an amazing career. She's the former mayor of Wasilla. i'd forgotten about/tended to ignore the psychic network thing..i haven't heard her sing in a long long while but i do love listening to her music from the 60s through the 80s.

junior_goddess said...

I can't find the article, Lisa. I was watching someone's youtube the other day---he had a bunch of 'wildlife' footage in front of a bar on 4th Ave. Dawned on me I could possibly see DH's ex on that footage. Hmmmmm.

So, now that you have a new govenor, will they move the capital to Willow? I used to be agog reading about the push to move it, and that all the Juneau politicians/hotel owners opposed it. Y'all either need to move it or build a road. I think it sucks when you can't drive to the state capitol.

junior_goddess said...

Gotta love the UAA bubbateeth contingent!