Friday, April 20, 2007

Ipod Tunes & Knits Shuffle Friday 4-20-07

I have to admit that Shakira is one of my favorite newer artists. The video above was made in the later 90s before she broke onto the American scene. I think she's an amazingly talented and brilliant young woman. Not only does she move like a boneless wonder (her dancing is beyond compare!) she sings, plays an impressive array of instruments, writes music/songs etc....and speaks more than a dozen languages fluently! While "Hips Don't Lie" is of course a smash hit, you should check out some of her older videos including "Whenever, wherever" and the above linked "Donde estas Corazon". Maybe not to everyone's tastes, but one of my personal new favorite artists!

"Te Lo Agrades Pero No"....Alejandro Sanz y Shakira
"The Angels Cried"......Alan Jackson & Allison Kraus
"We Looked Like Giants"....Death Cab for Cutie
"Try a Little Tenderness"....Otis Redding
"Stars on the Water"......Jimmy Buffett
"Have a Nice Day".....Bon Jovi
"Stand By Me".....Bruce Springsteen & U2
"Lido Shuffle".....Boz Scaggs
"We'll Be Together"....Sting & Annie Lenox

On the knitting front......the overloaded project bag is much smaller. Finished both Daisy sweaters, one boy flavored, one girl flavored, but there's a new Daisy on the needles in some blue OnLine Gaucho for yet another lil boy due in July. My God can't those relatives and friends stop with all the breeding. It's a good thing those Daisies only take a few hours!

The Wren is a rather unchallenging knit, but all her parts are complete. She's blocking and awaiting seaming and her collar or whatever collar modification we work out. I'm all about a shawl knitalong for the next KAL or K alone project. I'm thinking either a new Kiri (i'm still obsessing over that pattern because 1) it kicked my butt and 2) Bets & Libby whipped theirs right out and put beads on them...the showoffs...and they were gorgeous!) On the other hand, the Luna shawl is also calling my name. I'll have to check the stash and see what yarn is most demanding to be knit up next.

The sock is still a lonely and unfinished sock, but her heel is turned. I don't consider socks UFOs because there are always socks on the needles. In fact...there must be ummmmm..3 more soxy singles in various colors in the sox knitting basket! wow, that would be 2 pairs of almost finished sox if they were the same color.....hmmmm...maybe i should just have a FINISH THE SOCKS week...Wishing the sockapalooza sock swap wasn't closed already....that would certainly give me the push I need, a sense of urgency to finish....hmmmmm...well, we'll see what happens this weekend after Wren.

Lastly, the Tangerine Dream baby loop surprise is growing veeeeerrryyy sllllloooooowwwllly. If she's had 2 more rows it would be a miracle. Just haven't had much in the way of knitting time the last few days. In fact, haven't gotten home before 8pm or so all week! TGIF and I'm truly hoping for a nice easy weekend. NO one is due for at least 3 weeks right now and I don't have any hospital call scheduled until next weekend, so it looks like there will be some quality time to spend with fiber.

That's what's on my tunes and knits shuffle list! Have a great day!


Gaile said...

Oh no! Now I've got 'Lido Shuffle' in my head! You've got me wondering where my CD's are. (I think I even had him on eight track many moons ago...) My youngest introduced me to Death Cab, she thought I'd like their music - and she was right! As for Shakira, I really like a lot of her stuff too, that girl has major talent.

CatBookMom said...

¡Muchas Gracias! for the link to Shakira! I've finally conquered the iTunes/iPod setup, and I've been having fun loading up new and old music. I'm hoping my friend Madge will help me find some other 21st century music that I'll like. And now I've added Shakira to the list. My cell phone ringtone is Bailamos, lol!

smariek said...

Your list of tunes are always more interesting than mine. "My" music has been 86ed, replaced by DD's tunes. I used to hear Shakira, but now I just hear Raffi & Wiggles.

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Thanks for the video. I really enjoyed it. Great iPod list. I didn't make one this week.
How about Swallowtail? The nupps aren't really so bad.

Grace Yaskovic said...

i am up for a shawl along, Kiri, swallowtail, luna, any of them sound good. Haven't been well enough to knit much this week but working on my own design of a SUPER EASY lace stole. Its going to be fabulous!!

Joan said...

I am game to do another Luna shawl in a lighter yarn than the aran I am working on it now. Nearly done with Luna #1 so #2 is do-able. Thanks for heading it up, Lisa!