Saturday, April 21, 2007

Elann Shawl Knit-A-Long

I want to host a Knit-A-Long. Everyone is invited to play. The finished object will be ANY shawl from Elann's free pattern section! If you've already begun one....great! Join the KAL and enjoy the cheers from your knitting peers. It may just motivate you to "git 'er done". And we'll have a beautiful gallery to display at the end. I'm looking to "officially" begin May 1 (but you may certainly jump right on it should the muse be with you!) and posting a weekly display of progress notes and finished objects through June 30. Many people are uncomfortable posting non-elann purchased yarn FOs over in the chatroom, so if you fall into that category here's your chance to shine.A button will be created for your sidebar decorating pleasure. No rules as to type of fiber, it can be a new purchase or from stash or recycled or whatever. The only rule about this KAL will be that it has to be a shawl ( or your own interpretation of same) and should be knitted from a pattern (with your modifications as tweakers know who you are!) provided free at Below is the current list of free shawl/wrap patterns. Should you opt to modify a scarf pattern....hey...who's to stop you. No matter what your experience level....or your tastes.....there is a shawl for you!

Current free shawl patterns:

1) Pacific Waves Shawl-Danielle Miner
2) Luna Moth Shawl-Shui Kuen Kozinski
3) Adara Rainbow Shawl-Elann
4) Moonlight Sonata Shawl-Shui Kuen Kozinski
5) SunRay Shawl-Shui Kuen Kozinski
6) Chunky Highland Wool Wrap-Eileen Casey
7) Tapestry Wrap-Lisa Bennett
8) Stained Glass Wrap-Christine Pruitt
9) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-Libby Grant
10) Rambling Leaves Shawl-Dee Smith
11) Bed of Roses Shawl-Debbie O'Neill
12) Delta Shawl-Carol Jackson
13) Garden Path Shawl-Shui Kuen Kozinski
14) Victoria Lace Shawl-Michelle Ciccarriello
15) Flower Petal Shawl-Elann
16) Peruvian Cuzco Wrap-Elann
17) Lace Shawl-Woolgathering Designs-Karen Conner

Now, this listing does NOT include ponchos, or patterns for which no longer carries yarn. The list also shows only ONE view of a pattern. Many patterns are shown in various fibers to allow the knitter a glimpse at "other options". I love that about Go to their website and wander around a while if you've never. But be warned. It may begin or further enable a lifelong addiction.

Trish has made some loverly buttons for the shawl along. I've left an email query with Elann asking permission to use their name in the button. Buttons will be posted upon their reply. So far, there has been a ton of interest on the chatsite:

CBM plans the Luna in Filati Fantasia Cezanne, either in a Pink or Pale Straw
Grace plans the Luna in Peruvian Alpaca Atlantic Mist
Trish (button maker extrordinaire) plans the Luna in Peruvian Alpaca in a "purply something"
Theresa from Queens (hey...have you run into my wayward sister? she's a Queens girl too!) has made noises as if she has already begun a Luna in a "non-elann" mystery yarn....go T!
Bets plans to KAL when time and needle space allow
Mary (are you blogless Mary?) plans the Victorian Lace Shawl in an Aran weight
Jayne will plug along on her Moonlight Sonata (I'll have to recheck her previous blog posts for the yarn)
Svetlana plans a Luna in Elann Alpaca in Eggplant
Cate plans a Moonlight Sonata in Baby Silk or Baby Cashmere
and me....I'm going for the SunRay but I'm yet undecided on the yarn choice.

Hoping to add a gallery to the sidebar soon for WIPs and FOs! Some folks will likely finish their (first) KAL shawl before the actual start date. Their FO photos will prove inspiration for the rest of us.
Have a great knitterly day everyone.


smariek said...

That sounds like fun! I'd love to join but don't know if I'd ever finish by June 30. Hmm...

Looking through the list of patterns, Moonlight Sonata looks like a likely candidate since I already have tons of Baby Silk yarn on hand (don't ask me how much, lol), the pattern has row-by-row instructions (a plus since I still can't do charts), and doesn't require any seaming (which I hate to do and am not very good at).

My only misgiving is the level of difficulty. I mean, it's not exactly an "easy" shawl. And I'm worried about that provisional cast on part. I just unzipped a PCO on a hat last night and found I was short one stitch! And of course I still have to implement a blocking surface solution for something that large...

CatBookMom said...

Thanks for doing all this work. I've decided on the straw, and I'll put up a picture of the yarn on my next blog entry.

Svetlana said...

Lisa, thank you for doing this! Tell you the truth, I really like the way you write on your blog, it's always such a pleasure to read. I'm looking forward to participating in this jorney. O, another thing. I've never thought about displaying FO's made in none-elann yarn on elann chat roorm. I don't remember if I've done so.

benne said...

Hey, Lisa, you forgot me! I signed up for one of SK's shawls, exact pattern and yarn to be determined after stash diving. This will be fun. A lot of work for you, but appreciated.

smariek said...

Ok, I'm starting to rethink this. Moonlight Sonata is too ambitious. Now I'm thinking Sun Ray (thanks for the suggestion!) which I passed over before because I don't have 6 balls of Highland Wool in one color, but I think you're right, it would be luscious in Baby Silk.

Amy QOY said...

I'm going to do Luna in something I have, maybe some CTH. I've ordered several yarns lately that I have designated my Luna Moth shawl yarns because of yardage. Now I will have to pick a fave. But I will never keep up, as I have alot of wrenning left to do!
Thanks for organizing my motivation.

Having a Knit Fitt said...

First I have to finish Swallowtail. I am still tinking almost as much as I am knitting.
Should I rethink Moonlight Sonata? Is it going to be too hard? At least it doesn't have nupps!

Arielle said...

Hi I'm Arie. I'd like to join the KAL. I'm glad I found one where I actually have a fighting chance at making the deadline. My knitting time is limited (isn't it always?!) but I'm already 58 rows into the Adara Rainbow shawl and I have one week of vacation coming up : ) This would be my 1st KAL and I'm very unfamiliar with Blogspot so I have a question : Is it mandatory to have a Blogspot to participate? Because, really, a girl can only handle so many blog/site/journal thingies that get updated next to never...

Anonymous said...

Did someone say finish by June 30? I might not make that deadline, but I can't wait to start! Yippee!

Suzann said...

Add me to the list. I want to do the Sun Ray shawl in HW ruby red. I have the yarn. But it was 84 here today. So I am not sure how much yarn in the lap I am going to be able to work with.
Thanks for doing the hard work Lisa. Hey I was born in Queens too :-)

jeanie said...

I would love to join. How do I do this. Has it already started?