Thursday, April 26, 2007


To check out the website for the Elann Shawl Knit-A-Long !

I am totally GOBSMACKED to steal one of Jayne's and Karin's Canadian expressions. The interest in the Elann Shawl Knit-A-Long has been much greater than I'd anticipated so instead of hosting it from my little blog, I've set up an honest-to-gosh KAL site just for those who want to participate. feels like a party! And just like with a party, you need an invitation.

So, here's how it let me (as the administrator-in blogspeak) know what email addy you need the invite sent to. Then you wait for me to send the invite. I'll try to turn them around really quickly over the next week, but remember...I work..and have a family ...and such (just like you all do too of course!) so it may be 24-48hrs before you hear back.
Once you receive the invite, follow the directions and you will be able to write a POST, post your PHOTOS etc.
Anyone can LEAVE a COMMENT...not just those signed up for the KAL.

My apologies to those 15 or so folks who received an invite that doesn't go anywhere. That was my first attempt. This is a learning process for me too :) You should receive another invite within the next 24 hours...If you don't, feel free to email me or leave a comment!

my email is: midwifeknitsatyahoodotcom (subbing symbols as appropriate!)

Once a week (usually on Friday) throughout May and June, I'll do a wrap up/recap of the activities and post it both here and on the KAL site. After that, if there's still interest....we'll see how it goes, someone else may want to take over...or it may have a life of it's own...or it may just fizzle. Whatever!

To answer the button grab a button for your blogsite: double click on the image, save it to your desktop or wherever you save your images. Open your blog's layout section (if you have new's easy, just click on add an element, then however you've saved it-photo, html...etc. just like you add a photo or other image in your text posts:). If you need the actual html sent to you, let me know and I'll paste it into an email, then you can copy and paste it in. (Anyone else who can explain this more clearly...please feel free to chime in!)

And remember...the site won't be "officially" open until the KAL "officially" begins on May 1!

Have a great knitterly day! Looking forward to the PARTY!


Grace Yaskovic said...

I have new blogger but I can't find away to add a new element I am so lost, any help for the computer illiterate!!!

Jerry Wright Jordan said...

Please add me to the Elan Shawl KAL. My email address is Having problems with internet connection right now so I can't send an email. Looking forward to this.

smariek said...

I got my newsletter today and was tempted to try Luna Moth in Callista. But I think that might be too ambitious for a first shawl?

Grace: I sent you email with my convoluted method for adding the button to my blog.

Word verification du jour: zphgmksc

I'm convinced your blog is specifically targeting me for the more colorful letter combinations...

Joan said...

I have used "gobsmacked" since I was a kid. My dad loved all the BBC and UK shows on TV so we all picked up the lingo.