Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Elann Shawl Knit-A-Long Buttons

I received the nicest email back from Dianne at elann.com today giving permission for use of the Elann images and name for the knit-a-long buttons. She also stated that having links to the shawl/wrap patterns is fine as long as no one posts/publishes any of the patterns in their entirety (copyright and all...you know!)

Here are the three buttons Trishmade for the Knit-a-long. Feel free to grab one! I'll move them to the sidebar later this week.

Here is a recap of the pattern list and links:

1) Pacific Waves Shawl-Danielle Miner
2) Luna Moth Shawl-Shui Kuen Kozinski
3) Adara Rainbow Shawl-Elann
4) Moonlight Sonata Shawl-Shui Kuen Kozinski
5) SunRay Shawl-Shui Kuen Kozinski
6) Chunky Highland Wool Wrap-Eileen Casey
7) Tapestry Wrap-Lisa Bennett
8) Stained Glass Wrap-Christine Pruitt
9) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-Libby Grant
10) Rambling Leaves Shawl-Dee Smith
11) Bed of Roses Shawl-Debbie O'Neill
12) Delta Shawl-Carol Jackson
13) Garden Path Shawl-Shui Kuen Kozinski
14) Victoria Lace Shawl-Michelle Ciccarriello
15) Flower Petal Shawl-Elann
16) Peruvian Cuzco Wrap-Elann
17) Lace Shawl-Woolgathering Designs-Karen Conner

And an update of participants who've thrown their needles into the ring!

CBM plans the Luna in Filati Fantasia Cezanne, in Pale Straw (she's starting early bless her heart!)
Grace plans the Luna in Peruvian Alpaca Atlantic Mist
Trish (button maker extrordinaire) plans the Luna in Peruvian Alpaca in a "purply something"
Theresa from Queens has her Luna on the needles already in Paton's Classic Wool (but I still don't know the color!)
Bets plans to KAL when time and needle space allow
Mary (are you blogless Mary?) plans the Victorian Lace Shawl in an Aran weight
Jayne will plug along on her Moonlight Sonata in one of her custom dyed "Blueberry" merino blends.
Svetlana plans a Luna in Elann Alpaca in Eggplant
Cate plans a Moonlight Sonata in Baby Silk or Baby Cashmere...uh oh, Cate may be waffling on the choice of pattern...I'll keep my ears open!
SMarieK is thinking of doing a SunRay in Baby Silk (maybe doubled?)
Benne...oh how could I forget dear Benne...Queen of Ducks.....will be stashdiving and sorting through SKs beautiful patterns and will let us know soon!
Amy QOY will be Luna-ing along in a yet undetermined fiber
Arielle is joining in with her on the needles Adara Rainbow! I can't wait to see that one Arielle, are you doing it multicolored as in the model?
Suzann is planning a SunRay in Ruby Highland Wool (in an air conditioned environment because it's already summer where she is!)
Billie will be doing a Luna (but don't call it a Luna Moth Shawl...she has insect issues) in some fancy shmancy new yarn she brought back from her recent Spain trip.
Patty (Fiberly One) will be taking a Luna with her (in a yet undetermined yarn choice) for travelling entertainment as she goes "across the pond".
Connie is also considering knitting along, but she says she's intimidated by lace....(go to her website and urger her on!)
Joan will be completing her first Luna very soon and plans to knit-another-Luna with the KAL...fiber to be announced.
and me....I'm going for the SunRay but I'm yet undecided on the yarn choice. I've ordered some Adara in Fern and some Highland Wool in Violet Heather....I'll decide between them once they arrive.

Wow, that's 19 folks expressing interest so far. I think it will be so fascinating to see the different yarn choices, colors, and variations that knitters come up with. I'm getting really excited about this KAL!

I will drop a little hint that a bird told me.......according to a well known shawl designer......the Luna could be very smashing in a summer weight yarn. Just saying...in case anyone's wondering....or undecided on yarn choices....or anything.


smariek said...

Link to Connie's website doesn't work for me. :-(

Gotta love the word verification. I got: xmzmmji

Gryffinitter said...

T does not know the color either - little itny baby-son has taken to pulling ball bands off of yarn...it's a side hobby. Complements his other forms of Toddlery destruction! (So far this morning, one sports car....) It is an apple-y green and she got it in Michael's, although ACMoore also carries it. And she will now stop speaking as if she were the queen of somewhere...

Marie, my verification word looks like a last name: pilpako. As in "Don't you remember Cynthia Pilpako? She sat behind you in science for 4 years..."

Amy QOY said...

I have started in some S. Charles Ritratto (?) in gorgeous blues, coppers and browns. I am through my first repeat of chart 2 on the Luna. I can't wait to see everyone's interpretation of these shawls in different yarns.
Thanks Lisa.

Joan said...

My pal Amanda from my VT webring is joining in the KAL. She is deciding between 2 patterns and is stash-diving. Her blog is: http://www.makeymakey.com/

I am also contemplating patterns. Do I have the hutzpah/stamina/ability to do Michelle's Victorian Lace number? I have some purple alpaca on hand, enough I'd think. Or maybe just the easier Luna (ditto on the insect thing) in Sonata? Hmmm..

Joan said...

PS...there is a separate link to the Luna Moth pattern in worsted weight:

jayne said...

Oooohhhhh...I love the middle button. It really pops, and I like the composition.

Now the third button is the shawl I'm doing...

So which one do I get? Waaaa!

Thanks for organizing this, and it gives me full permission not to think about it until May 1. Although that is creeping up quickly anyway...

Allison said...

SO how do I join in the fun? I"ve got several Elann patterns and yarn for two of them that I've been planning to make so this will get me started!

Svetlana said...

How do I take the button so it brings to the KAL blog site? Sorry, I'm so computer illiterate.