Friday, March 16, 2007

Kiri Nagalong Day 16

Home again! Here's the promised baby pic from hippiemama and OliveBerthaline (not their real names!) Thanks Blogger for your endless cooperation. (If I make tribute to the bloggergods maybe they won't make pics and blog disappear--she whispers to the audience)

I spent some more time with Kiri yesterday. Sadly it was not very productive time. The lovely and talented Grace QOS sent me updated edging instructions...which help...but even with my perfect looking "leaves" and running through the stitches one at a time out loud...mistakes have been made. I have learned to honestly and truly "read" my own lace knitting...and know what is supposed to come next in the pattern just by the shape of the motif. Lesson learned, enough already. I reached a new nadir with her last night. Perhaps I shouldn't have had that glass of wine...or been watching the new HBO series on Addiction (great series...just started...i encourage everyone and anyone to watch this...with your kids if you have kids...this is one of the most important health issues you can address with your family!) Anyway...whatever happened...there i was at the end of another repeat (yes...ripped back well into the chart 2 pattern sequence one again) with total crap in my lap...again...a few stitches off at the end...not at the center...but at the end. Well, I have to tell you. I got a little emotional (i may have blurted out a few expletives) and pulled the needles out. So there she lays on the floor....all her little live loops exposed....

DH said " have that "someone's gonna get a major ass whoopin" look on your face.......and I very calmly stated "I am trying to decide what to do with Kiri".

Option 1: scissor her into small yarny bits
Option 2: toss her and her dangling ball of ugly into the garbage
Option 3: start a ceremonial pyre and burn the bitch
Option 4: pack in a box. duct tape it shut. mail to Jayne-no can't do that...Jayne's fam has allergies and I think Kiri's pretty well blended with cat and dog fiber/dander.
Option 5: pack in a box, duct tape it shut, mail to Joan...hahahaahahaha...nah.
Option 6: dust her off, put her back on the *&^%$ needles and try ONE LAST FREAKIN TIME TO GET IT RIGHT!

OK...Option 6 it is. ONE.....LAST.....TIME. This is for sure her very very very last chance. Period. If she screws up......I promise it will be one of the other less pleasant options. Period. (I am well known for being stubborn, persistent, the point of pain at times. It usually is a positive character trait...usually.)

And in case the rest of you believe that I am totally lace impaired....I am truly not....See, here is a fabulous Fishtail Lace scarf I made with the thrift store Rowan DK.....beautimous...perfect....wearable! And I've gifted off several (ok only 3) lacy scarves...i think it's just those freaky non pattern/partial pattern parts towards the center and at the edges (you know...when you are doing the increases/decreases to make that great triangle shape) that send me off onto the western slope.

I coulda been finished with my vest by now if I wasn't wasting all this time on Kiri. Speaking of the Vesty Jayne has decided to call it...I was rescued from being one ball short by the lovely, talented, and now sadly blogless CatBookMom! Thanks so much CBM...You are the Best! Due to hospital knitting the back is completed and the ribbing for the front is done...just a few hours of mindless SS & a little shaping and a little ribby fini!

Stop back by tomorrow when there will be a St. Patty's Day special cooked up by elannite knitbud SK! (and who knows...maybe a little more Kiri slamming...ha!)

Oh...and stop by Joan's blog ( and nag HER to get another KAL going! Have a great knitterly day!


Joan said...

I told you what to do with that Kiri. But if you do decide to ignore my sound advice, get yourself a sage stick and smoke all the bad juju outta that project.

I talked about another KAL today. I'm up for anything but a pink Kiri.

Svetlana said...

Lisa, your options on Kiri made me laugh out loud! Sorry, you having such a hard time with it. Please give it the last chance, it might stil behave itself and turn out to be a beauty. You are brave and patient to do this for 16 days! I applause you.

Grace Yaskovic said...

Mail it to me, and I will get you on the path of righteousness, no Kiri need die, !!! Save the Kiri

SK said...

Lisa: what we all need is the green beer. It will clear our mind. Kiri later!

benne said...

It would be a shame to trash Kiri, but...chopped up yarn in a onion bag hanging from a convenient tree branch makes great nesting materisls for the birds. ;-}