Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kiri Nagalong Day 14

Kiri Nagalong Update: I finished re-doing the last repeat. I have 273 stitches including the end YO's and garters. I have re-started the edging...get this...4..yes 4 times. Each time the first row of edging comes out incorrect. 2 stitches off at the midpoint...4 stitches off at the end. Yes. 4 times I have tinked the first row of edging back. Maybe I've tried it too late in the evening or after working too long. Maybe I'm just hopelessly lace impaired...or at least edging impaired here. The next step for me is to sit down with paper and pencil and graph out 273 stitches..and write in the pattern stitches to see if it works. If not...I dunno what I'm going to do. Any other ideas/suggestions, etc. will be enormously appreciated. How discouraging.

And to make matters worse. I sliced open the end of my left thumb. Yes...that would be the purling know the one. And man is it annoying. (Notice I did not say that it has stopped me from takes true dedication to knit through pain right....I'm of the opinion that knitting is my distraction therefor it should distract me from the pain of my poor thumb.) And sadly, I think the purling makes it a lot worse. I'm gonna have to find me a garter stitch something to knit for a while...or SS in the round...something. ouch. Who knew you used your left thumb that much huh?

Have been out of the loop for a few days. Lots of work playing catchup at the office. I love taking continueing ed programs...but man it throws my office/paperwork crap into a mess. Yesterday I spent 14 hours at hospital with one of my moms. What a trooper she was. Very unexpectedly loooooong....looooong....hard....very hard...labor. But this little hippie mommy is amazingly strong and brave. (Hey...she impressed the heck out of her labor nurses! and that's a tough crowd!) Sweet thing that she is...she was 5-6cm at 6:30am....and even with the dreaded vitamin P (yes, that would be pit) for 6 hours...was still 6ish cm at 5pm....babies usually get into a position where they are facing moms back in order to deliver...this stubborn lil baby girl wanted to stay facing forward...and did for hours and hours and hours. Mom finally decided to get an epidural (no other meds on board all day brave thing) at around 5:30...and little OliveBerthaline (OK that's not really her name) was finally born at 7:02 pm. Sometimes (in fact rather often)...epidurals will relax pelvic musculature enough to allow babies to turn and labor to support whatever my moms need to help them make their labor and birth experience a positive one. .....and I think epidurals are great for many many many reasons...both emotionally and physically. Better living through chemistry and all that.

Blogger is not accepting photos today for some no new baby pics...sorry! Here's hoping everyone has a lovely knitterly day!


Grace Yaskovic said...

Before you chart it out, look at your last chart row, go over it like I taught you now look at the first edging row, do the stitches look like they will line up where they are supposed to , (without the charts in front of me its hard) but if a double decrease is over another double decrease will it come out like that, if the yo's all line up like a ladder check to see if that is the case here too. Read your stitches. It sounds like a case of either too many yarn overs in the previous chart row or WAIT BRAIN STORM There was errata in the pattern in the edging!! Email catbook mom for the pattern she sent me the updates meanwhile i will look for them too!!!

benne said...

Great minds, Grace. ;-] The corrections to the edging hit me too. Lisa, sorry about that thumb, I hate it when I get those booboos that mess with my knitting. Did you find that stray ball of Gaucho at elann?

Here's the Kiri link w/corrections in case Grace hasn't found hers yet.

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Hope the corrections solve your problem. I'm not going to nag today out of pity for your poor thumb.

jayne said...

Oh poor thumb.

Better living through chemicals. I'm all over that.

I hope you get your kiri sorted out and done soon.

I've had a tremendously busy week too! But I had to come by and see what you were up to. I think tomorrow will be a knitting day. I've been dyeing and dyeing and dyeing.


SK said...

Hope your thumb is healing and kiri continues. SK

junior_goddess said...

Hey Lisa-totally OT-who's a reputable company for vehicle/motorhome leasing these days? Can you consult with DH?