Thursday, December 28, 2006


We had a wind and snow storm last night. We lost power at around 8pm and it didn't come back until around 4 this morning. Lit lots of candles. Grandma Clara used her handy dandy windup power flashlight to see by. DD and her best friend drew their "Dream Barn" by candlelight and told stories about what their (horsey) lives were going to be like in the future. We all decided they'd better both marry corporate attorneys or CEOs because unless Ed McMahon and his group show up on the doorstep...they may want to scale back a bit. But it's important to dream big! DH played all the National Geographic video podcasts he'd downloaded earlier (on his Ipod) and then played music until he fell asleep. I knitted as usual...but it was a little bit slower going by candlelight. What am I knitting you ask?

Here's a little show and tell-Peapod by Kate Gilbert from IWK Smmer 06! Darling pattern...but I couldn't get the super cute bottom ribbing to do what the pattern I improvised and did just plain old K3P2 ribbing. But everything else seems to be working out ok. The lace leaf pattern is easy to follow (come's only over 15 repeat...even in my post Kiri trauma, I can handle that!)

It's a gift for a very sweet lady that I've "met" through a knitting chat room over the past few years. I've started 3 other baby sweaters-the first came to within 3 rows of completion and I hated it and ripped it out. The second..too bulky, ripped out after about 6 inches, the third...enh..after the back and one front panel...just wasn't feeling the rip rip. So Yesterday I took a little "me" time and did some shopping for things like...light bulbs, toilet cleaner, you know all those really important things...and on my way back from Wallyworld...I saw a sign...The Tangled Skein...huh? Total rubberneck...and made a bat turn into the parking lot of a nondescript yellow prefab heart beating faster...I saw an OPEN sign...I went in...HOORAY! A new (just 2 weeks old!) LYS less than 15 minutes away from my house. I am soooo excited. There hasn't been a LYS in 4 years since Heidi (of Heidi's Yarns) passed away...and that store really catered to the machine knitter instead. But I digress. The Tangled Skein (go yarn wild...with a picture of a moose with yarn all arouond his antlers) had lots of Lopi, Cascade, Brown Sheep...a few cottons...some Noro...and some novelties. Lots of needles, Several books. Comfy chairs. Friendly owner. She kept pushing me to take some classes. (no thank you). I asked about a knitting group for nights/weekends.. she was hesitant (hours are 9-5 Tues through Fri, 10-6 Sat) but said she might be willing to make the space available. She did say that several ladies have been showing up and hanging around working on projects a few afternoons every week. I'm just happy that I no longer HAVE to drive to Anchorage or Palmer to get my tactile yarn fixes!

So while I was there, I did pick up the new KnitScene...Am I the last person to peruse this 'zine? Found at least 3 patterns worth making...and found the "Deconstructed, fulled mohair shawl...interesting and attractive in a weird sort of way...I think I would wear that..Loved the man's yellow elbow patch sweater! And loved the fitted jacket with puff sleeves by Stefanie Japel (Glampyre). There was also an interview with Euny Jang (SeeEunyKnit). (All this read and reviewed by candlelight). But my favorite is the sweater blouse made from Bamboo...Knitting..easy dressmaker. We're talking pleating knitted fabric to fit the front sections, and gathering knitted fabric in the back...but it seems very flattering and wearable...I'm thinking Sonata...or maybe even a silk blend. I keep looking at it which means it will be on the needles at some point. I also purchased yarn (Cascade 220 superwash) in a great tweedy sort of foresty olivey green for the Peapod. It feels wonderful and is knitting up like a dream...but at $9.90 for 220 yds, I'm hoping comes out with some superwash wool soon.

I'm knitting with one of my favorite Knitpicks Options. OK...I love them...totally. Easy to use. Convenient. Almost as slick as Addi Turbos..and I really like the pointy tips. Not too impressed with the cheesy zipper case..this could be improved, but overall for the price and the needles and the non-twisty cables (no this is my new favorite toy of the year!

Saw the new Rocky movie with DH night before last. Sly's getting old just like us...we remembered seeing the first Rocky. This was kind of sentimental, but overall a really enjoyable movie. And man..for a 61 year old guy...Sly's not looking too bad with the shirt off!

DDs friend Denyse stopped by and loves her new Churro!

Today will be spent cleaning house and taking the Grandma Clara clear across to the OTHER side of Anchorage to Michael's. She wants to see what's on sale and I promised to take her on two shopping trips while I'm off for a while. I have to take her to the 5th Avenue Mall sometime before next Wednesday for new shoes. She hasn't bought new shoes in five years and her SASs are running down at the heels. She's reluctant because she doesn't like to spend that much money on shoes...cuts into the craft budget you know....but it's time and I'm standing firm on this!

I saw that Alice T is doing another Salt Spring Island retreat June 24-July 1.........I need to decide very soon if that will be on the agenda. The annual American College of NurseMidwives meeting is at the end of May in Chicago, and there is a fetal monitoring/documentation/litigation prevention course in Las Vegas in February. My company will pay for either the Chicago or the Las Vegas trip...and with the Las Vegas trip I can take DH...but if DH goes, will have to get a granny sitter for several days. Decisions Decisions! But if I take DH in Feb...I will feel a lot less guilty going to Salt Spring in June...see how my devious mind works! Any other elannite/bloggers planning a SaltSpring trip?

Well am off now to be a domestic goddess. Will post Peapod pics as it gets nearer to completion!


CatBookMom said...

The PeaPod will be adorable. It's possible that we both are knitting for the same friend. I bought the KnitScene, on the basis of the cover sweater, and then realized that that's the only thing I even remotely like. Though the interview with Eunny Jang is very interesting.

On another note, which you can blame on Junior Goddess, you're tagged for a meme. See my blog.

jayne said...

She keeps blaming Junior Goddess, but she is the one doing the tagging, LOL. I had to do this one too.

I like your Christmas pix. Is it just me, or does that cat of yours (Pearl?) always look unimpressed with life? :)

So glad you're feeling better enough to discover LYS, and take Grandma out and knit. I think the PeaPod will be darling. I have a few babes I want to knit for these days too.